Celebrating Our Identities, Reinventing Our Community

Oct 5: F&M's Day of Dialogue

Speak. Listen. Share. Respect. Create. Celebrate. Eat. Dance. Understand. Learn. Grow. Transform.  F&M’s 2016 Day of Dialogue aims to create a space and time in which members of the F&M community can come together to explore and reinvent our community.  

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The Day of Dialogue is just one event in a series of programs taking place this academic year.  If you have an event to add to this list, be sure to tag your event as a "diversity" event so it will appear on this list.     

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Promoting Diversity and Inclusiveness

At Franklin & Marshall, we seek to consciously create an environment of mutual respect, diversity and inclusion that recognizes the inherent dignity of all persons, and honors a long tradition of service to our nation's democratic ideals.  

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Story 9/27/2016

F&M’s President Porterfield Named a White House “Champion of...

In a prestigious recognition of Franklin & Marshall College’s strategies to create college opportunity for talented students from the full American mosaic, the White House has named President Daniel...

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Story 9/22/2016

Is Being Muslim and Being American Incompatible?

“The question itself is absurd,” said Abdullahi Ahmed An-Na`im, the Charles Howard Candler Professor of Law and Senior Fellow of the Center for the Study of Law and Religion at ​Emory University....

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Story 9/22/2016

Sharing Experiences, Conversation, Not Moral Political...

Finding reasons for individuals of different colors and cultures to share experiences moves them closer to understanding one another, rather than moral and political debates that rarely, if ever,...

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September 29
event 9/29/2016

Common Hour "The 2016 Election and the State of American...

Mayser Gymnasium

Stephen K. Medvic The Honorable & Mrs. John C. Kunkel Professor of Government Stephen Medvic...

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