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Story 1/18/2019

How an ‘Amish’ PAC Tried to Mobilize the Old Order Community

In 2016, a group that supported Donald Trump’s campaign for president tried to mobilize Amish voters, a similar strategy used by Republicans in 2004. The plan was not as successful. 

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Story 1/14/2019

Phillips Museum of Art’s Exhibit Covers the Hostile Ground...

To research border migration between Mexico and Arizona, Jason De León, photographer Mike Wells, and a guide hiked the trails of the vast Sonoran Desert that immigrants follow to attempt illegal...

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Story 1/14/2019

Marketing Professor Examines Terrorism Recruitment with...

As an associate professor of marketing, Jeffrey Podoshen’s research pursuits include dark tourism and death consumption. It’s no surprise, then, that the Franklin & Marshall scholar examines the...

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January 20
event 1/20/2019

Solo & Concerto Competition

Barshinger Concert Hall

Sunday, January 20, 7 p.m. Solo & Concerto Competition F&M students perform in a recital format...

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January 24
event 1/24/2019

The Land of Open Graves: Understanding American Politics and...

Mayser Gymnasium

Jason de León Director of The Undocumented Migration Project and Associate Professor of...

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January 31
event 1/31/2019

The Plight of the Palestinian People

Mayser Gymnasium

Bassem Eid Palestinian Human Rights Activist Bassem Eid is a Palestinian human rights...

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