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The Early Years

Female Students Before 1969

While Franklin & Marshall College became officially coeducational in 1969, student wives and other women had attended classes as non-degree, day students at various times since the 1940s. In this 1967 photo below, Anne Presley, wife of Mark Presley '68, is pictured with Professor of Geology John Moss.

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President Keith Spalding

Franklin & Marshall College President Keith Spalding contemplates the student demand for coeducation as posted on the campus "Protest Tree" in 1968.

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Petition for Coeducation

Gene Hall '69 submits a student petition calling for coeducation to Robert Sarnoff, chairman of the Franklin & Marshall College Board of Trustees, as President Spalding looks on.

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First Female Applicant

Suzan Vanderzell '73, the first female applicant for admission, is seen arriving on Jan. 8, 1969, in this publicity photo.

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First Female Students

Annette Rineer (left) and Linda Geist are considered the first females admitted to the College after the formal adoption of coeducation. Rineer was admitted as a transfer student, while Geist is considered the initial female first-year student admitted.

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Fall 1969 Registration

The College's new women students wait to register for classes along with their male counterparts in this fall 1969 photo.

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Welcome Girls

When the first female students arrived on campus in the fall of 1969, photographers, official and otherwise, attempted to capture the spirit of the new look at Franklin & Marshall College.

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