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Ad Hoc Committee on Contingent Faculty

Most academics are familiar with these sobering figures: 46 percent of all faculty are part-time, and non-tenure-track positions of all types account for 65 percent of all faculty appointments in American higher education. They often serve in insecure, unsupported positions with little job security and few protections for academic freedom.

Our chapter has formed an ad hoc committee whose first charge is to study the status of contingent faculty at F&M. Its members are:

John Campbell (Psychology)                                

Dennis Deslippe (AMS/WGS) 

Giovanna Lerner (Italian)  

Kerry Sherin Wright (Writers House)  

Staff Caucus Liaison 2013-14

The Liaison of the AAUP with a Caucus of staff other than faculty and academic professionals is charged with the responsibility to bring issues pertaining to the welfare of staff persons, and consonant with the principles and goals of the AAUP, to the attention of the Chapter.

Sean Flaherty (Economics)