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College House System

Intellectual and Social Hubs

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Franklin & Marshall students are empowered to shape their living arrangements, physically and intellectually. As members of a College House, they are encouraged to explore their ideas in the comfort and safety of their own living spaces, often unlocking the potential to lead, to imagine and to create.

These communities are an extension of academic life, places that instill in students a sense of ownership and pride. The result is a living environment that is close-knit, safe and clean.

F&M integrates student housing into the entirety of campus life. Residence halls are not just a place to sleep or hang out, but a true home—a place where students choose furnishings and decorations, hold dinners, plan special projects, belong to book clubs, hear guest speakers and engage in intellectual debates that spill over from the classroom.

In the College House system, faculty dons and prefects are on hand to address questions and provide guidance. It is a structure that enables students and faculty to bond on a more personal level. As a result, responsibility, trust and expectations rise all around.

This approach to residential life has resulted in a living space free of most of the bumps, nicks, scars and clutter found in the typical campus dorm. The five Houses— Bonchek, Brooks, New, Ware and Weis—comprise several residence halls facing an expansive common green, a popular spot for relaxing on warm fall days or sunny spring afternoons.

Each House is in charge of a substantial annual budget that students determine how to spend. Some Houses have used the money to buy amenities, such as a new sofa or a Ping-Pong table. Some have used the funds to sponsor concerts or dances. Some have leveraged the funding to organize fundraisers or community-building events.