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The Strategic Planning Steering Committee

A Strategic Planning Steering Committee made up of representatives for Franklin & Marshall's faculty, professional staff and students shepherded the development of the College's Strategic Priorities, endorsed by the faculty and approved by the College's Board of Trustees in spring 2013. To assist the committee, the College retained the services of Dr. Larry Hirschhorn and Ms. Carey Huntington of the Center for Applied Research.

Steering Committee Members:

  • David Brennan, Associate Professor of Economics and Chair of the Budget Priorities Committee (BPC)
  • Alan Caniglia, Vice Provost for Institutional Research and Planning, Senior Associate Dean of the Faculty, and Professor of Economics
  • Cass Cliatt, Vice President for Communications
  • Andrew DeWet, Associate Professor of Geosciences and Chair of Faculty Council
  • Matthew K. Eynon, Vice President for College Advancement
  • Janet Fischer, Associate Professor of Biology
  • J. Samuel Houser, Ph.D. ’89, Chief of Staff and Secretary of the College
  • Joseph Karlesky, The Honorable and Mrs. John C. Kunkel Professor of Government
  • Daniel Lugo, Vice President and Dean of Admission and Financial Aid
  • Dorothy Merritts, Professor of Geosciences
  • Scott Onigman '15, Student representative
  • Michael Penn, Professor of Psychology
  • Noah Pickus, ACE Fellow and Nannerl O. Keohane Director, Kenan Institute for Ethics, Associate Research Professor for Public Policy Studies, Duke University
  • Robyn Piggott, Executive Assistant to the President
  • Daniel R. Porterfield, Ph.D., President
  • David Proulx, Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Amelia Rauser, Associate Professor of Art History
  • Kelly Ressler, Project/Office Administrator for Facilities Planning and Capital Projects
  • Katharine Snider '99, Associate Dean of the College and Prefect of Weis College House
  • Ann Steiner, Provost and Dean of the Faculty, and Shirley Watkins Steinman Professor of Classics
  • Carmen Tisnado, Professor of Spanish and Associate Dean of the Faculty
  • Kent Trachte, Dean of the College
  • Frances Donnelly Wolf '96, Liaison to the Board of Trustees 
  • Alumni Board Representative, to be appointed