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A Faculty-Based Advising System

In the ideal, the Franklin & Marshall academic advising system has as its guiding principle the belief that academic advising is a natural component and extension of classroom teaching and, as such, is integral to student learning.

It is assumed that:

  • Academic advising has the potential to promote critical thinking in students about their academic program and planning
  • Academic advising has the potential to instill in students a love of learning and a spirit of exploration
  • Academic advising has the potential to promote student learning and impact upon the educational experience of F&M students

Given these premises, faculty are central to the academic advising system at Franklin & Marshall. All tenure track faculty with one year of service at the College assume academic advising responsibilities.

The faculty role in the advising system is supplemented and supported by the Dean's Office and the Registrar's Office, particularly in the areas of advisee assignments, new adviser orientation, Beginnings and the development of first-year schedules, new student academic orientation, interventions with students in academic difficulty, and serving as an advising resource for faculty.

Office of Student & Post-Graduate Development

Health Professions Advising
Kirsten Kirby, Director of Health Professions Advising

Legal Professions Advising
Kathryn Schellenger, J.D., Director of Legal Professions Advising 

Areas of Responsiblity

Disability Services
Dr. Susan Schultheis, Counseling Psychologist, Coordinator of Disability Services 

Exceptions to Academic Regulations
Amy Moreno, Assistant Dean of the College, Ware College House Dean

International and Off-Campus Study
Sue Mennicke, Associate Dean for International Programs

Post-Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships
Monica Cable, Director of Post-Graduate Fellowships and Scholarships

Secondary Teaching Certificate
Amy Moreno, Assistant Dean of the College, Ware College House Dean