Journey, Study, Connect Through Global Education

At any given moment, Franklin & Marshall students can be found on any of six continents around the world, pursuing study and research projects, honing their language skills, and acquiring the cultural knowledge and understanding necessary, as the College says in our mission statement, "to live fulfilling lives and contribute meaningfully to their occupations, their communities, and their world."

A liberal arts education has always served to open minds and hearts to the wider world, but today that reach is truly global.  Franklin & Marshall offers our students many opportunities to expand their horizons internationally and to make important global connections.

Our commitment to this global perspective is reflected in our curriculum, in our commitment to off-campus study, and also in the 13 percent of our student body who come from abroad to study here in the U.S. 

From the European, Middle Eastern, and Asian languages that we teach, the international and area studies minors we offer, to the many study abroad opportunities we provide, we invite students to extend the classroom far beyond the campus. We encourage them to take up the challenge of living and learning as global citizens.

Our focus on global education recognizes that, no matter where life takes students after Franklin & Marshall, they will be working and living with people with vastly different ways of perceiving our world. A global education helps students begin to understand how to negotiate these differences, strengthening abilities to successfully live and work in our increasingly global society.

Language Studies at F&M

Competency in a foreign language helps students develop an informed and thoughtful awareness of language as a system and facilitates their exploration of other cultural worlds.


From Africa to Lancaster, Students Develop Community

Sixteen students traveled to South Africa, broadening their perspectives and deepening the College's impact abroad. Through a community-based learning class, the students worked with an internship program that helps community leaders.

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A Post-graduate Year in Germany

During his senior year, Phil Ehrig received an award through the Fulbright program to travel for a post-graduate year to Germany, where he worked as an English teaching assistant in German schools. 

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Archaeology in Tuscany

Every summer, a group of Franklin & Marshall students participates in an archaeological dig at the Poggio Colla Field School, benefitting from hands-on study while excavating an Etruscan site in Tuscany.  

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Pre-Approved Study Abroad and Off-Campus Study

F&M has more than 200 programs with schools overseas in virtually every area of the world. If a school or program isn't on the list, our advisers in the Office of International Programs will work with students to build an appropriate course of study in the country and institution a student chooses.

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International Studies Program

 The mission of the International Studies Program is to unite a cohort of students who will broaden the experience of their various major programs as they develop an international perspective and immerse themselves in the language and culture of a non-English-speaking country or region.

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Office of International Programs

The Office of International Programs comprises the advising and administrative staff for International & Off-Campus Study and also International Student Services. We support Franklin & Marshall students pursuing an international education program, whether overseas or in Lancaster. 

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Global Engagement 

At Franklin & Marshall, a global education involves not only classroom learning, but also hands-on experiential learning in communities around the world. 

F&M's Ware Institute for Civic Engagement provides students with a number of international community-based learning classes and internships in South America, and South and West Africa. 

Socioeconomic Development in South Africa

In this community-based learning course, offered in the summer , students spend two weeks of class and training on campus and four weeks in South Africa.  In a variety of urban and rural locations, students work side by side with field-based social entrepreneurs. 

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Socioeconomic Development in Ecuador

Through the Ware Institute, students travel to Ecuador, where they partner with the Social Entrepreneur Corps to provide support for development work in the field. Students spend two weeks in classes and eight weeks assisting development workers in the field. 

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Alternative Spring/Winter Break Programs

Through the Alternative Break Program, students may spend time during spring or winter break working in a disadvantaged country. Students learn to understand the effect of the work they are doing as well as the potential implications on their own lives. 

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 The Pulse of Global Education at F&M
Story 5/18/2016

Off-Campus Study: Coleman Kline '17

Environmental Studies major studies on the SEA Semester: Sustainability in Polynesian Island Cultures & Ecosystems program in Woods Hole, Massachusetts; Pago Pago, American Samoa; Apia, Samoa;...

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Story 4/6/2016

Inaugural Student Research Conference Explores Ethics,...

A group of history and philosophy majors organized the Student Research Conference, where 17 students will present papers assigned to them in class. The inaugural event is from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m....

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Story 3/23/2016

Golden Age of Water is Over, Author Says

Charles Fishman, author of “The Future of Water Now: Lessons from Around the World,” spoke to a crowd of about 80 at Franklin & Marshall College March 22. 

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Story 3/15/2016

Our Spaces

As F&M's 2016 Commencement draws closer, members of the graduating class will begin to think about the people and experiences that shaped their undergraduate years.

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Story 5/18/2016

Off-Campus Study: Coleman Kline '17

Environmental Studies major studies on the SEA Semester: Sustainability in Polynesian Island Cultures & Ecosystems program in Woods Hole, Massachusetts; Pago Pago, American Samoa; Apia, Samoa;...

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Story 3/10/2016

Senior anthropology major lectures at Human Development...

Franklin & Marshall senior Shrima Pandey, an anthropology major, presented her paper, "Defining Difference, Creating Community: A Case Study of Lancaster, Pa.," to the 2016 Human Development...

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Story 3/8/2016

Off-Campus Study: Cassie Festa '17

BFB: Animal Behavior major studies on  the SFS Wildlife Management Studies program in Tanzania.

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