Franklin & Marshall College Franklin & Marshall College

Franklin & Marshall College has had a long history of excellence in the sciences, beginning with our benefactors and founders Benjamin Franklin, Benjamin Rush, G.H.E. Muhlenberg and F. A. Rauch. Today, we are highly regarded for the high quality of the liberal arts education that has produced a large number of physicians and academicians. Among the top 50 US News and World report National liberal arts institutions we rank in the top half in the number of students who obtained the Ph.D. and in the top third in the number of publications produced by faculty and students over the last decade.

Our dedicated faculty provides excellent instruction to small classes (generally fewer than 20 students per class) and does research that frequently leads to publication with student coauthors. Some students are coauthors of as many as six publications by the time they graduate. Our summer research program, generally referred to as our Hackman program, usually involves about 60 students working with over 30 faculty members in the sciences.

In the pages that follow, we highlight the careers of selected alumni, who share their thoughts about their F&M education. We spotlight students and faculty who have received honors or grants, and we also provide a list of equipment that can be found in each department.