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Brent DuBeshter, M.D., '74


As a naïve freshman at F&M in 1970, I had little knowledge about the rigor of the curriculum, which far exceeded that of my high school, or of the opportunities for independent study and research, which were a highlight of my upper class years.

Although freshman chemistry was 40 years ago, I can still hear Professor Heller’s voice, explaining in detail the nuances of Avogadro’s number. Over the summer prior to my senior year, I was privileged to do an independent study project with Dr. Yoder, where I needed a thorough understanding of basics such as Avogadro’s number, not easily forgotten if you had Dr. Heller’s class. The 12 month’s of independent study led to presentation at a student chemist’s conference, as well as a publication, one that I’m proud to list first on my C.V. I’m sure that these experiences were helpful in gaining acceptance to medical school, and it’s been one thing after another ever since.

For me F&M may have been only the beginning, but I wouldn’t be where I am today without the rigorous preparation and enthusiastic support of the F&M faculty.

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