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David Lehman, Ph.D., '68

Earth & Environment

Many aspects of the F&M experience contributed to my ability to pursue a successful career in the Geological Sciences, but none epitomizes it better than the Senior Thesis on “The Conestoga Limestone”.

I learned later that many Masters Theses were not as in depth or significant. Several aspects contributed –

1) We worked as teams, building team working skills which are invaluable in business and life,

2) It was a field project, with high emphasis on collecting and interpreting the basic data ourselves, not relying on someone else’s writings or interpretation,

3) We had a definite timeline for getting the data collected and getting it written up – the deal had to get closed! – teaching the value of wrapping things up in a timely fashion.

There were many other things that I could mention: encouragement, support and teaching from a close knit faculty and student group included, but the Senior Thesis sums it up best for me.

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