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George Martin, Ph.D., '79


I received my bachelor’s degree in chemistry from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and a doctorate in organic chemistry from Duke University in Durham, North Carolina.

I loved my undergraduate experience at F&M and have come to appreciate the many ways it prepared me for success in life. First and foremost, my education equipped me for graduate school. Looking back, I see that I was much more prepared for the curriculum and the requirements to succeed than others who entered the program at the same time. The rigor of the F&M program enabled me to test out of an entire semester of graduate courses, which in turn enabled me to begin the research requirements ahead of schedule. I also had the privilege to work under the direction of Dr. Claude Yoder while completing a senior independent study project at F&M. It was here that I not only learned, but also participated in, the scientific thought and processes that would make up my doctoral program and my early career in chemical research.

Beyond the science curriculum, F&M offered the breadth of a liberal arts education. Exposure to disciplines of economics, history and philosophy rounded me out as a person. The coursework built a solid foundation from which I could better understand people and culture, allowing me to develop personally and to grow into a business leader.

In addition to academics, the college was teeming with extracurricular and social opportunities. As an athlete, I was able to play on the soccer team and excel in sportsmanship. Through the Greek System, I became a member of Phi Kappa Tau where I made life-long friends. At F&M, I received a high quality education enriched by social activities that I believe are critical to developing a well-rounded graduate. It was a wonderful experience and four great years.

George Martin
President & CEO
NewPage Corporation

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