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John Hughes, Ph.D., '75

Earth and Environment

"I was privileged to attend Franklin and Marshall College, and to work with the Professors in what was then the Department of Geology. To learn at age 21 what one wants to do for the rest of his life, with passion, is a true gift. The research I have undertaken since my time at F&M, much of it with students of my own, had its roots in my senior thesis undertaken with Professor Stan Mertzman, a thesis that was later published in a scientific journal. From him I learned an abiding passion and curiosity for research in the Earth sciences; today, I simply can’t wait to get up each morning and work on my latest research project. The roots of any success I have had in my scientific career came from my time at Franklin and Marshall College, and in my own interactions with students I try to emulate what I was given at F&M. I hope I succeed in some small way."

John M. Hughes
Professor of Geology
University of Vermont

  • John Hughes