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  • Shot of the lovely AC staff during their field trip to The Clinic for Special Children.
  • nina castilo
  • Name: Nina Castillo
    Hometown: West Nyack, NY
    College Major: History and French

    Favorite Lancaster Activity:  Eating empanadas at El Maizal, the Colombian restaurant on Mulberry Street

    Best Interview Moment:  I love when students are so enthusiastic in telling me about a favorite activity or hobby that I am drawn right in to the excitement. A student recently told me all about making sushi in such a way that I wanted to go right home and try it myself!

  • Helen Long
  • Name: Helen Long
    Hometown: Wilkes-Barre, PA
    College Major: Dual Certification: Elementary Education/Special Education

    Favorite Lancaster Activity: Riding bicycle throughout scenic Lancaster County with fellow members of the Lancaster Bicycle Club.

    Best Interview Moment: I enjoy hearing students talk about how a teacher or school counselor positively impacted their decision to learn more about F&M.I also enjoy the discussions we have during the interview.

  • Angela AC
  • Name: Angela Lee
    Hometown: Tamuning, Guam
    College Major: Communications

    Favorite Lancaster Activity: I enjoy walking around downtown Lancaster, visiting Central Market and discovering unique restaurants and galleries. I also love to explore the many towns surrounding Lancaster.

    Best Interview Moment: I enjoy learning about different cultures and life experiences. I'm always so impressed and amazed to hear what the interviewees have done and experienced in high school. It makes me very excited because I know they will continue to take advantage of all the opportunities and resources availabe at college, especially Franklin and Marshall College.

  • mary mattson 11
  • Name: Mary J. Mattson
    Hometown: Albany, New York
    College Major: French/minor in Psychology

    Favorite Lancaster Activity: Early morning at Central Market/running through
    the beautiful neighborhoods near F&M.

    Best Interview Moment: Best interview moment is always when the student feels comfortable and at ease.

  • cathy
  • Name: Cathy Rintz
    Hometown: Souderton, PA
    College Major: Business Administration

    Favorite Lancaster Activity: Seeing shows at the Fulton Opera House tops my list of favorite things to do. Many of the productions at the Fulton will rival anything you'll see on Broadway!

    Best Interview Moment: I love the moment in an interview when I make a connection with a student based on a shared interest or passion we both have. From that point forward our dialogue becomes a conversation and ceases to be an "interview." 

  • joan
  • Name: Joan Marie Sipe
    Hometown: New Haven, IN (not CT :o)
    College Major: Secondary Math Education

    Favorite Lancaster Activity: Music concerts!!! There are so many venues to enjoy!  Also, shows at the Fulton Opera House.

    Best Interview Moment: There have been a number of interesting moments but one interviewee spoke about hiking/camping in the state of Washington and had a grizzly bear encounter!  On the very same day, ANOTHER student spoke about avoiding grizzlies in Wyoming! A bit of serendipity that day!