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Class of 1969

Gentlemen of the Last All-Male Class at F&M:

Lest we forget: the College admitted the co-ed Class of 1973 in September 1969. I weep, but move on.

Okay, tell me you’re kidding. The upcoming reunion, set for Friday, June 6th, to Sunday, June 8th, can’t really be our No. 45. Holy cow, how did this happen?

Yes, indeed, it can be our 45th. Do the math. I still have - and use - my 25th F&M Reunion Class of 1969 coffee mug, chipped and in need of some bleach (like me), and that was 1994.

Here’s the gig. Thanks to our classmate D.J. Korns, ’69 and P ’10, who also is F&M’s Associate Director of Annual Giving, we have a block of rooms reserved – not forever by the way – at the beautiful and historic Lancaster Arts Hotel as our class “residence.” I just made my reservation last night, so my partner Jane and I don’t get closed out--don’t delay if you want to stay with the designated Class of 1969 residence hotel.

Contact information for this beautiful hotel is easy:

Lancaster Arts Hotel
300 Harrisburg Avenue
Lancaster, PA 17603

Toll Free 1-877-208-5521
Tel. 717-479-4439
Fax 717-431-3266

Let’s say, however, that you don’t feel like staying there because you want to stay closer to campus. You can stay on campus and save a dollar too. Here’s how: stay in the New College House right on campus for about $40 a night. It too is a beautiful and new (2011) addition to the College’s House System. Please take a look:

Making reservations for a stay in the New College House will be easy too. You should be able to register online in March.

Let’s say you have questions or want to talk about Reunion Weekend. There is no reason you couldn’t call or contact classmate (and F&M executive), D.J. Korns, at tel. 717-291-4113; fax 717-358-4416; cell 717-575-6206; and email DJ will be happy to field your questions or comments and to encourage you to come back.

So why come back? It’s about the camaraderie we had and can share again, but not if you don’t come home. You will have the chance to break bread with old friends and acquaintances, many of whom you may not have seen in decades, not years. It’s about the memories, isn’t it?

I also think you will enjoy hearing some of the folks we have lined up to speak – briefly – at our Saturday night Class of ’69 dinner on campus. People like Bill Whitesell and Ken Twiford are coming to share their memories and experiences at F&M while teaching and coaching us when we were youngsters getting ready for the world.

Come back and share your memories, humorous and otherwise, with your classmates and friends from way back when. It’s going to be a worthwhile and bang up weekend if you do.

More details to follow in the coming three months, all about Reunion Weekend 2014, June 6th – June 8th. See you then.


Alan Zulick
Reunion Committee Correspondent

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1969 has designated the Lancaster Arts Hotel as their class hotel.

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