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Class of 1989

It is one of the blessings of old friends that you can afford to be stupid with them. 
                                                                     ~Ralph Waldo Emerson 

True terror is to wake up one morning and witness that your college class is running the country. 
                                                        ~Kurt Vonnegut (paraphrased)

Welcome to Reunion, Class of 1989!

I don’t think that any of us could have pictured where our lives would be in 25 years, and yet here we all are. So much time has passed but we share common memories of four (or so) formative years spent together, a common experience that bonds us, the Class of ’89, forever.

Our 25th reunion will be held on the weekend of June 6-8, 2014. We hope you will join us on campus for the celebration. Save the date, talk to your friends, and plan to make the sentimental and/or construction-filled journey back to Lancaster.

As we’ve changed and grown over the years, so has the campus. The changes are astounding in some ways. But, I can assure you, the campus still somehow feels like a familiar comfortable place. The College Center bathrooms are exactly the same. And you will run into someone you know in there. If this isn’t an incentive to return, I don’t know what is.

The Reunion Committee is planning a weekend filled with opportunities to reconnect and celebrate. Make sure you keep checking the reunion page and the Facebook page for updates and reminders about the happenings on Reunion Weekend. Check the “Look Who’s Coming” section to see who has registered and make your plans now!

We currently have two options for accommodations. Our first choice, the Cork Factory Hotel, is a cool and unique boutique hotel, and we’ve now added the Marriott Courtyard (about 5 miles off campus) as well as the dorms (much nicer than back in our day and conveniently located) to our list of accommodations. There are also many other choices available on the Accommodations page on the left.

The Reunion Committee will also be reaching out personally to classmates. Besides encouraging attendance, we will be requesting contributions to our class gift. However you may feel about the College or about giving in general, F&M helped us launch our endeavors and successes. F&M contributed to our development as adults, gave us a fantastic education, lifelong friendships and connections, tangible and intangible gifts that serve us well in our lives. We hope you will give back to the College, invest in its future and in the lives of the students who hope to attend F&M.

Please consider joining us in Lancaster on Reunion Weekend. If you’d like to help plan Reunion or make outreach calls, please contact Kathy Taggart or Jack Shilling.

See you in June,
Kathy Taggart

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1989 has designated the Cork Factory Hotel, the Marriott Courtyard, and the dorms as their class hotels.

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