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Alumni Board Advisory Program

Alumni Association Board and ALOT Advisory Program Guidelines


            To cultivate future alumni leaders by creating an opportunity to connect current students with alumni who are devoted to Franklin & Marshall College. ALOT educates seniors on the many opportunities that are available to alumni to stay involved with the college. The Advisory Program will match ALOT students with Alumni Board members so that the students can see what it looks like to be an engaged alumnus. Partnerships will be based on similar backgrounds, interests in career, and academic and organizational involvement at F&M.


·         To encourage future alumni to stay involved with the college by showing the benefits of being involved alumni.

·         Deepen the bonds of students to F&M through unique experiences. This advisory program will help deepen their bond by creating lasting relationships between students and alumni that extends beyond their four years at the college.

·         Create informal and friendly relationships between students and alumni

·         To aid in the transition from undergraduate to member of the alumni association through senior year into post-graduation

Responsibilities of Advisor

·         Be committed to serve as a resource to the advisee

·         Meet/interact/communicate with students 4-5 times per academic year

·         Share life experience to provide perspective to students on post-F&M opportunities

·         Help students discover ways to stay involved and become active alumni

·         Share why you stay involved with the college and the benefits of doing so

·         Encourage advisee to seek networking opportunities with alumni

·         Use your alumni resources and knowledge to make your advisee feel supported by F&M

·         You do not need to help your advisee with career, although you are more than welcome to!

·         Educate on the importance of philanthropy, service, and engagement with F&M following graduation

Responsibilities of Advisee

·         Initiate dialogue with advisor

·         Follow through with your advisor

·         Ask advisor questions and start the conversation. Here are some examples of questions to ask:

o   What did you major in?

o   What were you involved in during college?

o   What was your favorite class?

o   How did you get to where you are today?

o   What did you do right after college?

·         Be mindful of the advisors time

·         Be receptive to suggestions and feedback

·         Do not ask advisor for a job

·         Thank Advisor for their time

Suggested activities:

·         Have a phone call

·         Connect on social media

·         Go to an F&M event together

·         Go to lunch or coffee

·         If applicable, have advisee shadow advisor at the office

Suggested Topics of conversation

·         What you did/do at F&M

·         What you do as an alum/student

·         Why you stay involved

·         Why it is important to stay involved

·         Perks of being an involved alum

·         How to properly conduct yourself when approaching alums- professionally written emails

·         Your memories of F&M- remember, this is all about relationship building!


·         September

o   Advisors chosen for ALOT members

o   Students reach out to advisor- make introductions

o   Have a social between ALOT and AAB during September meeting

·         October

o   Make plans to meet during Homecoming weekend or during October Break if the advisor and advisee live near each other

·         November

o   Contact initiated by student to advisee- look at conversations topics if you need ideas

·         December

o   Check in email from advisor- see how students are doing with finals, etc.

·         January

o   Advisor contact students to make sure they will come to the AAB and ALOT social

o   AAB and ALOT social during the January meeting

·         February

o   Advisee contacts advisor- talk about how to properly contact alums, professionally written emails, etc.

·         March

o   Advisee contacts advisor- check in email

·         April

o   Advisor contacts advisee- what are their plans for next year?

·         May

o   See at Senior Toast-advisor contacts with a reminder about the Senior Toast

·         Following September/October

o   Advisor sees how advisee is doing- asks if coming to homecoming, if they have gone to any regional events, etc.

Tips for a successful relationship

1.      Have a positive attitude

2.      Keep an open-mind

3.      Have effective communication- always respond in a timely manner

4.      Be flexible with your plans

5.      Have fun! If you run out of things to talk about, talk about your time at F&M!