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Alumni Affinity Groups

The Office of Alumni & Parent Relations in partnership with the Affinity Committee of the Franklin & Marshall College Alumni Association Board is interested and eager to help alumni engage with fellow members of their F&M affinity groups.  

Affinity is defined by Webster’s dictionary as people with a “like mindedness or relationship.” We know many of our alumni still have very strong ties to Franklin & Marshall through their Greek organization, sports team or student organization. We want to help connect classmates and friends who you have shared a common interest. Please contact Donna Pflum at (717) 358-4266 or email at for assistance. The Office of Alumni & Parent Relations can assist members of affinity groups with event planning on campus or regionally, providing contact information for fellow group members for the purpose of affinity group gatherings and communication, and assisting with bulk email communication to your fellow affinity members.

The alumni that make up the F&M Alumni Association Board are dedicated to engagement and support of the College and fellow alumni. They have created a committee dedicated to supporting the efforts of alumni who want to form an affinity group. The Alumni Association Board offers a system of recognition for affinity groups seeking to coalesce around a shared interest, providing the group opportunities to work with the board in alumni engagement and in some cases financial support for group communication and celebratory events honoring your affinity group. To learn more about the F&M Alumni Association Board recognition process click on the link on left-hand sidebar.