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The F&M Alumni Arts Review is a printed publication, with a Web presence, which presents literary and visual works by Franklin & Marshall alumni. We invite you to browse through online flipbooks of previous issues and read the letter from Editor Sands Hall regarding the theme for Volume Four: EDGE.

It’s an “arts” review for a reason: F&M is proud that as a College it continues the fine tradition of a classic liberal arts education. The word "arts" in this case does not just mean the fine arts, or the literary arts; rather, it refers to educational disciplines that are considered essential if one is to be an effective citizen of the world. These include the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences.

As alumni of F&M, you engaged in many forms of these “arts." You may have delved into a fine art or a dramatic art or a literary art. Above all, you learned to express yourself and your ideas effectively.

Many of you are still doing so, and one of the ideas behind the Review is that you might be delighted with an opportunity to re-engage with the invigoration such explorations offer. If these expressions manifest as artwork—paintings, drawings, photographs (even photographs of your three dimensional work), or in written form—stories, essays, poems, plays, we hope you’ll consider submitting your work to the F&M Alumni Arts Review.

We also hope the Review will keep you engaged, or will re-engage you with your alma mater. As you browse the images and poems and stories in the online flipbooks of Volume One: Turning Points, Volume Two: Doorway, and, Volume Three: Shift, you might also discover what some of your fellow F&M alums are up to. Whether you are an aspiring writer/artist, an established one, or simply want to try your hand at publication, we are most interested in seeing and reading your work.

In Volume Four we are examining the idea of EDGE. It’s a concept that can be broadly applied, and we look forward to seeing your particular interpretation.

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