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Letter from the Editor/Theme of Current Volume

Dear Alumni –

This past April, the F&M Alumni Arts Review’s Editorial Board—professors and students of poetry, photography, fiction and nonfiction, painting, sculpture—enjoyed our annual dinner together. Once again we tossed around all kinds of possible themes for our next volume. Edging towards us, making us feel a bit edgy, forcing us sit on the edges of our chairs… yes, you guessed it. This year’s theme is


We’re all pretty excited and hope you will be as well. We believe the word opens up a great expanse in which to explore love, loss, seasons, work, politics, borderlands, holidays, food, margins, language, you name it.  For:

An edge is a line or border at which a surface terminates.

It's a brink, or a verge: where things happen—or don’t. Or almost did. Or still might.

It’s also the thin, sharp side of a blade. Of a tool, or a weapon.  Either way, change hinges on the edge of it.

Edge also has to do with sharpness or keenness of language (for those of you submitting writing: we always have our an eye out for that!), or—as a voice can also have an edge to it—tone.

Attached to this idea of edge is sharpness of appetite, desire, vision (visual artists: we’re so excited to see how you will explore these ideas!)

Edge is also a verb, of course: It means to sharpen, as in edging a blade.

The verb also means to move sideways, or to advance gradually, even cautiously, toward a person or a goal. Which could describe an essay, or many pieces of writing: edging toward and around your material in order to land your final point.

And that’s the root edge descends from, via the Latin and the Greek: POINT.

So whet your edges: your pencils, your brushes, your lenses, your laptops. We can’t wait to see what you come up with for Volume IV the F&M Alumni Arts Review.

Here are the Submission Guidelines. Or you can go directly to our online submission program, Submittable and start the submission process.

Deadline: Midnight, December 1, 2014.

We look forward to seeing your edges!

Sands Hall, Editor
Maeve Shanahan & Delia Pepper, Assistants to the Editor
AAR’s Editorial Board

  • Sands Hall
  • Sands Hall

    Editor, F&M Alumni Arts Review and and Adjunct Assistant Professor of English