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Submission Guidelines


Submissions are accepted between August 1st and December 1st, 2014


Alumni of Franklin & Marshall College.


Submissions should be previously unpublished works of FICTION, NONFICTION/ESSAYS, POETRY, SHORT PLAYS; and ARTWORK: paintings, drawings, and photographs—visual art that is two-dimensional in nature; and INTERVIEWS. The theme for Volume IV is EDGE.


NONFICTION/MEMOIR/ESSAYS: The editors of the Review are interested in personal essays as well as informative ones. This is not the place, however, for an academic work that is limited to a particular audience or that is footnoted/in-text referenced. We’re looking for essays that are interdisciplinary, well written, and which appeal to a wide readership. Limit 3,500 words (we will look at longer pieces but chances of publication diminish). Manuscripts should be double spaced, using a 12 point font.

FICTION: Most fiction selected for publication in the Review is in the form of short stories. Short-shorts are also intriguing to us, and we will look at novel excerpts only if the submitted piece is complete and self-contained. Limit 3,500 words (we will look at longer pieces but chances of publication diminish). Manuscripts should be double spaced, using a 12 point font.

POETRY: We’re interested in poems of any length and aesthetic bent. A poetry submission may consist of one to five poems, depending on length; the poems should be typed, one poem per page(s).

PLAYWRITING: The Review will consider short playscripts, both self-contained scenes and one-acts; these should be properly formatted. Limit: 3,500 words, including stage directions.

VISUAL ART: In addition to a piece of cover art, we'll consider for publication photography, paintings, and drawings. A Visual Art submission may comprise up to 10 images. We accept .jpeg or .gif or .tiff. Photographs should be at least 72 dpi for submission purposes; if accepted, we'll ask for at least 300 dpi; minimum size 1800 x 1800 pixels.

INTERVIEWS: Interviews conducted for publication in the Review are done at the request of the Editors; however, we are happy to entertain your ideas. If you have a particular artist you’d like us to interview, please let us know. If you’d like to conduct the interview yourself, write us the particulars, as well as your experience and an example if you have one, and the editorial board will take it under consideration.


A cover letter that includes: author/artist name, author/artist bio (less than 250 words), author/artist phone and email.


Note: Due to F&M’s ever-growing efforts in the directions of sustainability, we prefer you submit your work via our online submission manager. However, we also understand that not everyone is online, so we do accept work via the United States Postal service. If you do submit work via USPO, be sure to include a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope. If we do not receive an SASE we will recycle your pages (and in the case of artists, your CD).

Send your submission, including your cover letter and bio (see above), to the Review:

Submit via our online submission manager.

This prompts you through the steps of the submission process. You’ll find it very straightforward. Use the “cover letter” to let us know a bit about you, and please be sure to include a short bio.


Editor, F&M Arts Review
Philadelphia Alumni Writers House
Franklin & Marshall College
PO Box 3003
Lancaster, PA  17604-3003

NOTE: Unless you enclose a Self Addressed Stamped Envelope, we recycle.

We do consider simultaneous submissions, but request that the author/artist let us know immediately if their work is accepted elsewhere.


If your work is selected to appear in the F&M Alumni Arts Review, we have First American serial rights only. All rights revert to the author upon publication. We do ask if the author/artist reprints work that first appeared in our pages that The Franklin & Marshall Alumni Arts Review be given acknowledgment for the specific work(s) involved.

We look forward to seeing and reading your work!

Editorial Board, The F&M Alumni Arts Review

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