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Honors in American Studies

Students who wish to receive Honors in American Studies must have a GPA over 3.5 in the major and will complete a two-semester independent research project. Students with GPAs below 3.5 but above 3.3 in the major may petition the AMS committee for special consideration to proceed with an independent study project that may be proposed for Honors. The seminar paper in AMS 489 ("Senior Seminar") can serve as the first semester of research for this project. In this research project students need to demonstrate their critical engagement with primary sources and an assessment of how their project contributes to the existing research in the field. By the end of February in the spring semester, the student and the faculty director of the independent study will select an honors committee and, in consultation with that committee, decide if the project is progressing well enough to present for Honors. This committee should include 3-5 members; of these 2 must be from the American Studies Department; one of them must be a tenure-track professor. The faculty project director is not on this committee and cannot participate in the discussion and evaluation of the project by the committee. In addition, please consult "Granting of Honors" in the College Catalog.