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Careers for Anthropology Majors

Although the majority of professional anthropologists still work in colleges and universities, an increasing number of them are finding employment outside of academia. Such international organizations as the World Bank and the World Health Organization hire anthropologists, and related applied fields such as public health, medicine, international relations, development, conservation, and law are attracting anthropologists trained at all levels. Anthropologists can be found working in museums, medical schools, national parks, construction sites, government agencies, consulting firms, and corporations. Anthropology has even become a "hot" subject among scholars in other academic disciplines. Recent graduates from F&M have gone on to graduate programs in anthropology, as well as to medical school, law school, business school, and graduate schools of public health, international affairs, urban planning, social work, forensic science, conservation, population studies, development, human resource management, and public policy. Many of our graduates join the Peace Corps, Teach for America, or AmeriCorp immediately after college. As the world becomes more sensitive to questions of cultural diversity, anthropology majors have become ever more sought after in the job market.

The members of the Franklin and Marshall anthropology faculty are liberal arts purists. We are fervently committed to the idea that studying anthropology is an important and desirable component to a well-rounded liberal education. With a little bit of training, those with outstanding liberal educations and the capacity for discipline and hard work are able to pursue ANY career or aspiration after college. Although several of our graduates have gone on to distinguished careers as anthropologists, we are equally proud of the great diversity of careers and life paths that our graduates have pursued.

The American Anthropological Association has a Careers in Anthropology section on its web-site.