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Archaeology Field School 2009

Photos From the Summer Excavations at Otstonwakin

Professor Mary Ann Levine is currently investigating the nature of 18th century colonial interactions between Native Americans and Europeans in Pennsylvania. In 2007,  2008, and 2009 she directed F&M's Summer Fieldschool in Native American Archaeology in Montoursville, PA. Franklin and Marshall students interested in the complexity of colonial encounters helped to archaeologically recover Otstonwakin, an 18th century multinational Native American village. The much celebrated Madame Montour, a woman of Native and European descent, resided at the village. Madame Montour served as a translator to colonial governments, worked as a frontier diplomat, and provided leadership to those who resided at Otstonwakin.

This slide show features images of the seven F&M students who helped to unearth the village in 2009 and some of our weekend fieldtrips. In addition to their work at Otstonwakin, students traveled down the Susquehanna on the Hiawatha, a paddlewheel riverboat, went to the Thomas T. Taber Museum of the Lycoming County Historical Society, and walked the James P. Bressler Heritage Trail at Riverfront Park. Please click on the link below to enjoy the slide show!

Click image below to view a slideshow from the Archaeology Summer Field School.

Or Click Here to view the slideshow in larger images on Flickr.