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Anthropology Profiles on the F&M Web

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Christina Squillante '09 has always enjoyed a good mystery, whether acting one out on stage or solving one in real life. "After just the first week of my Hackman, I knew I was onto something cool," Squillante said. "Dr. Levine knew that I have an avid interest in historical detective work. This project was right up my alley, so I jumped on the opportunity."

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Michelle Morgenstern '09 notes that elementary school students are learning implicit lessons about language and education that have implications for broader issues of social inequality.

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Talk about having a skeleton in the closet. Actually, Chelsey ZeRuth ’09 keeps hers in a box at the North Museum. Last semester, when ZeRuth was doing some research at the museum, she found a bag containing skeletal remains. The only clue to the identity of the bones was a Lancaster city police evidence tag dated Aug. 6, 1973.

Students Serve as Girl Scout Troop Leaders

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For Lindsay Goldberg and (anthropology major) Jessica Donaldson, Girl Scouts are a family affair. Donaldson's mom was her troop leader when she was growing up and Goldberg's mom was her sister's leader. Following in their mothers' footsteps came naturally -- both now lead a troop at Franklin and Marshall.

Ben Burghart Teaches in Rural Ghana

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When Franklin & Marshall student Ben Burghart returned for a visit to the school where he taught the seventh grade, he was treated like a celebrity. Students, even those who had never met him, poured from their classrooms to embrace him, screaming "Brother Ben!" It was a gratifying moment, made even more compelling by its unconventionality: this school--Heritage Academy--is in Bremen Esiam, Ghana.

Keely Swan, the American International Student

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Franklin & Marshall senior Keely Swan has been mistaken for an international student more times that she can count. As a student worker for the college's International Center, a member of the International club, a two-year resident of the International House, and an international studies (special studies) major, it's an understandable error.

Ali Finley and Vandana Kripalani Study Traditional Art Form in India

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India, the land of the Taj Mahal...spicy curries...intricate henna designs...and kantha? Ali Finley and Vandana Kripalani have spent the last six months studying this embroidered art form, including a two-week trip to the heartland of kantha, West Bengal, this summer.

Layne Amerikaner is Hungry for Change

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Layne Amerikaner likes to make her fellow students just a little uncomfortable. So, this past November, when most people were preparing for a Thanksgiving feast, Amerikaner was busy preparing for a Hunger Banquet, a dinner event where most guests don't get enough to eat.

Lauren Hakkinen and Austin Williams Conduct Down Syndrome Research

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Tucked away in an unassuming back corner of Franklin & Marshall's Fackenthal Laboratories, seniors Lauren Hakkinen and Austin Williams are hard at work doing biological research on mice that they hope can one day be applied to humans with Down syndrome.

Franklin & Marshall College Jocks Who Rock!

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Anyone passing by the residential quad on a Sunday afternoon last spring would have had no choice but to hear the aptly named "Sunday Brunch" musical stylings of the duo George and Wags.

Friedman Takes a New Look at One of the Nation's Oldest Jewish Cemeteries

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While many might consider examining hundreds of graves a morbid activity, Franklin & Marshall College’s Lindsey Friedman ’06, would be quick to point out how fascinating and useful such an activity can be.

Karen Hagadorn Connects to Ben Franklin

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During a summer research project, Franklin & Marshall junior Karen Hagadorn had to go beyond conventional knowedge of Franklin. “I had to find a different perspective on him, something that people are usually not taught in school,” she said.

Michelle Chronister Fights for Choice

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While many college students were tanning on the beach or lounging by the pool this past summer, Franklin & Marshall senior Michelle Chronister (Dover, Pa.) was hard at work on the issue that matters most to her: reproductive freedom. Interested in this issue since her high school days, Chronister was inspired by her internships at Planned Parenthood to start a pro-choice club at the college.

Benjamin Franklin: Friend

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People in the eighteenth century recognized Franklin as a scientist, inventor, statesman, printer, and philosopher. But as Alexis Koutroulakis ’05 (pictured here with Misty Bastian) discovered, the Great Awakening evangelist George Whitefield also called Franklin a friend.

Student studies traditional healing in Japan

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Juliet D’Angelo, a senior anthropology major at Franklin & Marshall College, hopes to someday practice medicine. Little did she realize that her wish would be granted while she was still in college. On a college-sponsored research trip to Japan this past summer funded by F&M’s Marshall Scholar program, D'Angelo was actually able to tend to patients at a clinic in rural Nishiumi.