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Spring Admit

Spring Admit students begin their college careers in January rather than August.

Coming to F&M as a Spring Admit is perfect for the independent student who wants to take a breather between high school and college, but who also sees that time as an opportunity to pursue a meaningful intellectual, civic or social experience before enrolling at F&M. Each year, up to 48 students enroll at F&M via Spring Admit.

Rather than arriving on the F&M campus in August, students can explore their interests for the fall semester. Whether a student wishes to use the semester to volunteer, work, or study abroad, we will help that student find the perfect program. Here are some of the fall gap programs our students have participated in:

For-credit programs

Students who select a for-credit program arrive on campus in January with a full semester of course work and will be on track to graduate with their cohort class. 

Foundation for International Education
Dublin, Ireland
Download liability form

Institute for American Universities
Aix-en-Provence, France
Download application information                                                                              IAU Informational Flyer

Thinking Beyond Borders
Gap semester in Ecuador

St. Andrews University
Scotland Freshman semester abroad

Not-for-credit programs

Students who select the following programs are often able to make up credit and graduate with their cohort by taking summer classes and/or engaging in internships for credit.

The School for Field Studies
Environmental study-abroad program

Rustic Pathways
Travel program focusing on community service, life skills, language and adventure

Language immersion program during which the student lives with a family abroad

Proyexto ASIS
Spanish language, cultural immersion and volunteer work with animals in Costa Rica

Oxford Program for Advanced Studies
Academic work in Oxford, England

Cross Cultural Solutions
Volunteer work abroad

Outward Bound
Wilderness expeditions

National Outdoor Leadership School
Wilderness expeditions

Additional information

You can read more about the program from The New York Times:

An Argument for a Yearlong Breather


For more information on our Spring Admit Program please email or check out our Frequently Asked Questions page.

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  • "Deciding to be a Spring Admit student was probably the best decision I ever made. For three weeks I camped around Europe. Seeing so many different countries and cultures was awe-inspiring."

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