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Transfer Student Admission

Greetings from Franklin & Marshall!

Thank you for considering Franklin & Marshall College. F&M is a welcoming place for transfer students. The academics are rigorous, the classes are small, and you will get to know your professors. There are ample opportunities for research, independent study, and internships, which will allow you to develop an individualized experience that fits your unique interests and goals. 

Please look at all aspects of our website and see why Franklin & Marshall can be a great fit as your new college home.

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Admission Criteria

Transfer Application Checklist

Online Application

Evaluation of Course Credit

Financial Aid


Transfer FAQ

Admission Criteria

The Admission Committee looks for the following qualifications when reviewing transfer candidates: successful completion of college-level course work in a challenging college curriculum, faculty endorsements, high school record, and overall potential for future academic success at F&M. A grade point average of at least a 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale) is recommended.

In addition to academic considerations, the Admission Committee takes note of a student’s engagement in student or community life. The committee is interested in quality of participation, level of commitment, special talents, honors received, and leadership roles held.

A list of transfer application requirements can be found here.  The priority deadline is May 1 for Fall (August start) and November15 for Spring (January start).

Evaluation of Course Credit

All admitted transfer applicants receive an evaluation of completed college coursework to inform their decision on whether to choose F&M.
If your decision to apply for transfer admission is contingent upon whether you would receive credit for previous college coursework, F&M can provide a tentative credit evaluation preview for all completed and in-progress coursework. For more information about a tentative credit evaluation preview, please email the transfer admission coordinator at .
Official evaluation of completed college course work is provided by the Franklin & Marshall College Registrar upon receipt of the final transcript. The final transcript must be mailed from the previous institution directly to the Franklin & Marshall Office of Admission. A list of course descriptions from the student’s previous institution(s) is also required for accurate assessment of courses. These descriptions may be compiled by the applicant from the appropriate course description book and forwarded to the Office of Admission:

Franklin & Marshall College
Office of the Admission
P.O. Box 3003
Lancaster, PA 17604-3003

A tentative analysis of credits prior to the completion of the academic year and/or enrollment at Franklin & Marshall may be provided upon request.

Course work completed at other colleges may satisfy requirements in most areas of the Franklin & Marshall curriculum (major requirements, distribution requirements, exploration, and electives), depending upon the nature of that coursework. Credit evaluation is based on both the number of credit hours earned and the grades earned. A course will be evaluated only if the earned grade is C- or better. In general, no transfer credit is granted for the following type of courses: technical, physical education, secretarial, engineering, drafting, military science, or any courses from non-regionally accredited institutions. Additionally, most education courses, communications courses, and vocal or instrumental lesson credits are not awarded Franklin & Marshall course credit.

To qualify for a Franklin & Marshall degree, transfer students must successfully complete at least 16 course credits at the campus, as well as all other graduation requirements.

Applying For Financial Aid

For admitted domestic U.S. transfer applicants, Franklin & Marshall College will meet 100% of institutionally-determined financial aid need throughout the duration of full-time study. There is no financial aid available for international transfer applicants.

To apply for financial aid, transfer applicants must complete the following steps:

  1. Send your full contact information by completing the Common Application portion of your transfer application
  • If applying for aid, be sure to indicate "Yes" on the question, "Do you intend to pursue need-based financial aid?"
  1. Access your F&M MyAid account to determine what documents are required to complete the financial aid application process.
  • Upon successful submission of your Common Application, the F&M Office of Financial Aid will send you a Financial Aid Student ID that will enable you to start an F&M MyAid account. 
  • MyAid allows you online access to view documents that have been received by the aid office, documents in need of completion, and other messages specific to you. 
  1. Complete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at
  • F&M's FAFSA school code is 003265. 
  1. Complete the CSS/Financial Aid PROFILE online at
  • After submitting a completed PROFILE, the College Board will email you with instructions on how to submit the previous year's tax documents electronically through the IDOC system (
  • F&M's PROFILE code is 2261.
  1. Complete and/or provide any additional information as required by the Office of Financial Aid

All financial aid application requirements must be submitted by the appropriate priority deadline. Incomplete and/or missing financial aid documentation may delay the release of your admission decision and could negatively impact the decision-making process.  

For additional information, please visit the Office of Financial Aid web site HERE. You can also contact the Office of Financial Aid at (717) 291-3991 or by email at


F&M is a residential college, and we strongly believe that a rich residential experience is vital to the life of the College. With F&M’s four-year housing policy, all students, including transfer students, are expected to live in college property or Greek houses approved by the College. F&M provides housing to transfer students appropriate to their incoming status. Transfer applicants are also integrated into the College House communities. For more information about the College House System and room selection, please visit our Housing Options website.

Transfer Application Priority Deadlines

Spring: November 15

Fall: May 1

Applications received after the priority deadline are considered on space-available basis

Contact Information


Paul Dillon, Sr. Assistant Dean of Admission & Transfer Admission Coordinator

Completed the CommonApp?

Verify the status of your transfer application by visiting the F&M online portal HERE

Applying for financial aid? Check the status of pending financial aid documents by visiting the F&M MyAid portal HERE