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Art History at F&M

Make your education a work of art

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The department's art history program examines aesthetically considered objects with the goal of comprehending both the objects themselves and the social concerns that they embody.

We strive to develop students' ability to appreciate the technical accomplishment, artistic decision making, and expressive effect of works of art.

Yet art is not created only for aesthetic purposes; it is a compelling visualization of values and priorities important in a particular time and place. We therefore also teach students to understand the ways that art encapsulates and promotes shared beliefs.

Our highly accomplished faculty and affiliations with esteemed partners across the East Coast and abroad combine to create a uniquely enriching educational opportunity.

Our resources are first-rate. The department's slide collection, containing more than 100,000 slides, is a primary resource for art history students. The Phillips Art Museum offers three major galleries dedicated to showcasing our permanent collection, exhibitions from contemporary artists, and the creative works of innovative students and faculty from across the curriculum. Our students have access to all the resources available at the Phillips Art Museum and can acquire curatorial experience in the Curriculum gallery.

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