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Studio Art at F&M

Turn your future into a masterpiece

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The study of art is one of the best ways to nurture and cultivate creative potential.  At Franklin & Marshall College, the Studio Art Program combines the resources of the finest art school with the breadth of a liberal arts curriculum to achieve stunning results.

Our professors are accomplished practicing artists and our commitment to individual attention to our students is unsurpassed. Our program supplies considerable flexibility for customizing educational programming according to personal initiative.

Our facilities include separate studios for drawing, architectural design, painting, printmaking, sculpture, and bronze foundry while the Phillips Art Museum boasts three major galleries. Also, one of the appealing characteristics of the art program at F&M is the mutual support between the art history and studio art offerings.

Students benefit from abundant opportunities to exhibit their work in the Shadek-Fackenthal Library, the Herman Art Center, and the Curriculum Gallery of the Phillips Museum of Art.

We are also ideally located in one of the most splendidly artistically rich regions of the country. Lancaster has a thriving arts scene, which is supplemented by nearby access to New York City, Philadelphia, Baltimore, and Washington, D.C. Majors regularly visit museums, galleries, and artists' studios and study abroad.

We are also affiliated with the New York-Paris Program in Architecture. Additional study abroad opportunities are available throughout the world.

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    • Experimental Portraiture
    • A portrait from the "Experimental Portraiture" exhibit by Daniel Westfield '08.

    • Photo Credit: Daniel Westfield '08
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