Visiting Assistant Professor of Sociology


Ph.D. Sociology & Social Policy, Brandeis University

M.A. Social Policy, Brandeis University

M.A. Women's Studies, The University of Sussex

B.A. Sociology, Clark University, Phi Beta Kappa 





Forthcoming Book

Rondini, Ashley C., Bedelia Richards-Dowden, and Nicolas Simon (Eds.).2017. Clearing the Path: Qualitative Studies of the Experiences of First Generation College Students.


Published and Forthcoming Journal Articles

Cunningham, David and Ashley C. Rondini. 2017. “Legacies of Racial Contention: Legislation and Implementation of Mississippi’s Civil Rights and Human Rights Curriculum, 2006-2011” (forthcoming in The DuBois Review)

Rondini, Ashley C. 2016. “Healing the Hidden Injuries of Class?: Redemption Narratives, Aspirational Proxies, and Parents of Low-Income First Generation College Students.”  Sociological Forum 31(1):96-116. (

Rondini, Ashley C. 2015. “[Mis]Placing Race in Biomedical Clinical Context: Racial Categories, Medical Research, and the Reproduction of Health Disparities.” Sociology Compass 9(8):704—717. (

Rondini, Ashley C. 2015. “Observations of Critical Consciousness Development in the Context of Service Learning.” Teaching Sociology 43(2):137—145. (

Book Chapters

Rondini, Ashley C. 2017. “Campus Sexual Assault.” Pp xx-xx in The Cambridge Handbook of Social Problems, edited by J. Trevino. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. (forthcoming; under contract)

Rondini, Ashley C. 2012.“‘I thought I was SO dumb...’: Low-Income First Generation College Students, Inequities in Academic Preparation, and Reference Group Theory.” Pp. 161-189 in Research Studies in Higher Education: Educating Multi-Cultural College Students (Issues in Black Education Series), edited by T. Hicks and A. Pitre. Lanham, MD: University Press of America.

Conrad, Peter and Ashley C. Rondini. 2010. “The Internet and Medicalization: Reshaping the Global Body and Illness.” Pp. 107-121 in Culture, Bodies, and the Sociology of Health, edited by E. Ettore. London: Ashgate Press.

Social Policy Columns

Rondini, Ashley C. 2015. “Tracing the Trajectory of Federal Initiatives Addressing Campus Sexual Violence.” Footnotes 43, Issue 4 (May/June), Washington D.C.: American Sociological Association. (

Rondini, Ashley C. 2015. “The Shifting Landscape: Critically Contextualizing Conversations About Campus Sexual Violence.” Footnotes 43, Issue 1 (January), Washington D.C.: American Sociological Association.  (

Rondini, Ashley C. 2011.“Protection from Rape as A Civil Right: The Evolution of Policy Concerning Sexual Assault on College Campuses.” Footnotes 39, Issue 5 (May/June), Washington D.C.: American Sociological Association. (

Rondini, Ashley C. 2011.“For-Profit Institutions and Underserved Student Populations: Expanding Access or Exploiting Aspirations?” Footnotes 39, Issue 1(January), Washington D.C.: American Sociological Association. (

Rondini, Ashley C.  2010. “The Necessity and Insufficiency of Policy-Based Responses: ‘Bullying’ and Anti- Gay Bigotry.” Footnotes 38, Issue 9 (December), Washington D.C.: American Sociological Association. (

Book Reviews

Rondini, Ashley C. 2012. “The Making of African America: The Four Great Migrations, by Ira Berlin (2010), Book Review.” The Journal of Mississippi History 74 (3):303—305.


Course Information

Introduction to Sociology
Racial and Ethnic Relations
Class, Status, and Power
Health, Illness, and Community (CBL)
Race, Ethnicity, and Health