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You ask, they answer. Have a question about Franklin & Marshall? No one understands the F&M experience better than our students. E-mail our students with any questions you may have and get to know the many facets of Franklin & Marshall.  All questions asked to the students will be kept in confidence.

  • Elaine-Ye Feng
  • Ask Elaine
  • My name is Ye Feng (Elaine), and I’m a junior from Beijing, China. My major is Business, Organization & Society, and I also have a huge passion for studio art. I’ve been working for the International Admission Office for over a year now. I’m an Alpha Delta Pi sister, and a photographer for the Oriflamme Yearbook. What I love the most about F&M is the close connection between professors and students, and students and students. I also love how F&M teaches us to be an independent thinker and a creative writer. Feel free to ask me any questions, and I’ll try my best to answer them! Good luck with your application. E-mail me here -

  • Kofi Alorzuke
  • Ask Kofi
  • My name is Mawupemor Kofi Alorzuke (preferably Kofi), and I am a junior here at F&M from Ghana, West Africa. I am  majoring in Economics while fulfilling my Pre-Med requirements on the side.  Outside the classroom, I have a radio show on the WFNM radio station and I am an HA(House Advisor) for Weis College House. I am also an active member of the Worker's Advocacy Group and the Rotaract Club here on campus.  My favorite thing about F&M is the fact that we are a F&Mily. Our teaching and non-teaching staff, and the entire student body are a close knit group that perfectly complements each other. E-mail me here
  • Giang Phan
  • Ask Giang
  • I am Giang Phan, a junior from Hanoi, Vietnam and this has been my third year working at the International Admission Office. I major in Psychology and Computer Science and last summer I had a great time at F&M doing research related to both subjects. Outside the classroom you can find me teaching refugee girls at a nearby church, singing in the college choir or organizing International Club's events. What I love at F&M is that there is always something for anyone here, because the people are so active and diverse in interests and the environment is accommodating. I have found my second home abroad, and I hope you will too! If you have any questions, I would be more than happy to answer them. E-mail me here

  • Nikoloz
  • Ask Nikoloz
  • გამარჯობა. In Georgian it means "hello". I am a man of a diverse background. I was born and lived for 14 years in Russia. For my high school I returned and studied in my homeland - Georgia. And my new home is F&M located in, obviously, USA. I am senior, what means that this is my last year here. Here I belong to the Ware College House. People both in my house and outside of it became my new family across the ocean, my trusted partners, friends, accomplices.

    I am Business, Organization and Society student, but besides my major I pursue many other interests. Here, in F&M I started learning Japanese language and I am soon to become Japanese minor. My hobbies are literature, Japanese culture and traveling. F&M allowed me to try myself all these fields. I participated in the F&M summer program in Japan, took literature classes and I am president of the F&M Anime Club. Besides that I am treasurer/acting vice-president of Gaming Society, place where any student can find something fun to play.

    I currently work as a Dean’s Assistant in the International Admissions office. If you have any questions or just want to chat, e-mail me here - 

  • Zenia Tangri
  • Ask Zenia
  • My name is Zenia Tangri and I am a junior at Franklin & Marshall College. All the way from Mumbai (Bombay to some), India, I have had the most incredible experiences in the past two years. I am a double major in Economics and Business, Organization and Society major, but I absolutely love that the Liberal Arts curriculum allowed me to explore my interests in Psychology, Creative Writing and Spanish. The academic environment here encourages discussion and inquiry, and while being challenging, is also healthy. As far as extracurricular activities go, I am Fundraising Chair for the Blue and White Society, Community Outreach Chair for Bonchek College House Congress, and Junior Class Caucus member. With a myriad of clubs and events on-campus, there are a great number of way to get involved and engaged with the F&Mily. Feel free to email me cause I'd love to hear from you guys! All the best with college applications and decisions. E-mail me here
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