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The Franklin & Marshall Diplomats

During a 1935 game against Fordham University, the Franklin & Marshall football team was penalized for an unusual activity in the typically fast-paced game—a lack of activity, period. Because of their "penchant for oratory," the F&M players spent too much time in the clubhouse during halftime, apparently expounding on their game plan.

A New York sports columnist dubbed them the diplomats.

The epithet stuck, and Franklin & Marshall today rallies around a mascot that espouses nonconfrontational, polite dialogue. This doesn't make the College's sports teams any less formidable, however.

Whether you strive to decrease your swings, even your strokes or increase your stride, as part of a team reaching for a common goal, you'll cultivate respect for others and responsibility for yourself. You'll develop your character and learn to become a leader. You will gain confidence by putting yourself out there.