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The new F&M Reservation system has arrived! 

F&M has transitioned to a new user-friendly web-based reservation request system that allows the community to “see” available spaces across campus.

Effective today, the web link: will be the portal access by which facilities/space are requested on campus.  The site can be accessed from Inside F&M, Campus Services tab, Quick Links box - Reservations (second link in the list).  Accesinto the Reservation system requires authentication using your F&M net ID credentials.

Simple instructions on how to use the new reservation system are posted on the Auxiliary Services home page under Reservations or directly at:

Three commonly used reservation processes are presented in video tutorials as well as simple text:

1.     Search for Space Availability

2.     Making a Reservation

3.     Room Search

The new Reservation System allows for a centralized collection and display of confirmed space reservations in one “book “even though approvals are given by 22 different Room Managers from across campus. The system allows departments and Room Managers to “control” their unique spaces by accepting or denying requests. This is a seamless process for the requester and allows our departments to provide services and resources as necessary to meet the need for space.  

There is a one-business day booking requirement to request a space on campus. If you are attempting to book a space on the same day as the request, please contact the College Reservationist at extension 4426 or  (717) 358-4426 for assistance.

Event Type Definitions

While requesting a room, you will be asked to select an Event Type for your reservation. Selecting the appropriate Event Type is important, because this category is used when connecting the Reservations website to Master Calendar. See below for some general guidelines and definitions for the current event categories:

  • College Vehicle - Applies to all reservation requests for college van usage
  • Concerts and Recitals - A public musical performance
  • Dance Performance - A public dance performance
  • Discussion - A student or faculty event (or conversation) in which ideas are exchanged or debated about a certain topic
  • Exhibit         - A public display in an art gallery, museum, research fair, or information session
  • Festival - A celebratory event or function that celebrates some unique aspect of a community or religion
  • Film - Applies to film viewings for academic classes, guest lectures, faculty events, student organizations, or public events
  • Fundraising/Ticket Sales - Specific to student groups who are advertising events or collecting money - fundraisers, ticket sales, registrations, etc
  • Gathering - An informal assembly held for a specific purpose or event
  • Information Table - Tabling for student groups in the Steinmen College Center
  • Lecture/Presentation - An educational or informational talk to an audience about a specific topic
  • Meal - A planned group/department dining event
  • Meeting - An assembly of people for a discussion, conversation, planning events, or entertainment
  • Reading - An occasion in which literature is read to an audience
  • Reception - A formal social occasion held to welcome someone or celebrate an event
  • Recreation - An activity done for enjoyment at outdoor campus locations
  • Rehearsal - A practice of a theatrical or musical work for a later public performance
  • Religious - Any event planned for a religious celebration, discussion, or worship
  • Sleeping Accommodations - Applies to all guest house reservations
  • Social - An informal social gathering organized by the members of a particular group
  • Theater Performance - A public dramatic or musical performance
  • Tutoring/Study Session - Any event in which an instructor assists students with a particular subject or when a group of students gather to discuss an academic subject
  • Workshop - Applies to training-type situations or when a group of people engage in a discussion or activity for a particular project or topic

If you have any questions about the new system or the processes please contact the ITS Help Desk at 717.291.6789.