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Room Search

How to search for a space to make a reservation:

  • Go to and log in using your F&M NetID credentials
  • Click on Reservations and select eithers Campus Space, Van Reservations, and Guest House Reservations depending on the type of reservation
  • Select the date (use Recurrence if multiple dates)
  • Select the time (note: must be at least 24 hours prior to the event or you will get an error message)
  • For facilities – leave all selected to browse for any available rooms on campus that meet your requirements
  • Enter the attendance for your event
  • Select the appropriate set-up type for your event
  • Select the desired type of room for your event (this may be the same or similar to the setup type that has already been selected
  • Under Availability Filters you can select different features that will already be included in the space for your event
  • Please note that the more features you select, the less available rooms you will see listed. Keep this information as general as possible to view a larger selection of available rooms
  • After entering all necessary information, click Find Space
  • Now, all the available spaces will show up, depending on the criteria that you filtered, and click on the green plus sign to add a room(s) for your event
  • In the next section, you will need to fill out more detailed information about your event
  • Fill out the required fields – Event Name, Event Type, Group (search for the group your are making the reservation for by clicking on the magnifying glass), and contact information
  • Event Description is only necessary if you plan to have your event listed on Master Calendar
  • Then fill out the next few questions relative to your event (all required)
  • If you require any additional needs, you can check any of the categories listed below (some rooms allow you to select tech equipment, F&O setup needs, network access, etc.)
  • After making sure you have all the necessary criteria entered for your event, click on the Submit button
  • You will then receive a summary email confirming that your request has been submitted – wait for a confirmation/denied email from the person viewing requests for your specific room