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Nightly Shuttle

The Nightly Shuttle is a great way for F&M students to get around at night - now 7 days a week! With shuttles running approximately every 15 minutes and with 19 stops along the way, students no longer have to worry about how to get home. The shuttle stops all along the perimeter of the college campus, by College Row, the Steinman College Center, The Brickyard, both libraries, several of the residence halls, and lots of points along West James, Frederick and Lemon Streets.

Break Shuttle

To assist students in their travel plans at the start and end of breaks through the academic year, (excluding the very beginning of the semester in August), we will be offering shuttle services to and from the Lancaster, Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Baltimore airports, as well as the Lancaster train station.

Vehicle Policy and Reservation

The Office of Auxiliary Services is responsible for the administration of the College owned fleet of vehicles, all of which are available for lease by faculty, staff and student organizations. Anyone wishing to lease a vehicle may read the policies and procedures, and fill out the online van reservation form.

Special Transportation Request

We will be happy to provide transportation for special requests, whether it is back-and-forth transportation to an event, a group drop-off or pick-up from an airport, or some other request.


Large Van Certification Workshop Form

Please go to the form for more details.