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College Vehicle Rental Procedures

The Auxiliary Services department is responsible for the administration of the College-owned fleet of vehicles, all of which are available for lease by faculty, staff and student organizations. The following is a summary of the policies and procedures covering the operation of college vehicles:

No vehicle will be reserved and these procedures made valid until you have fulfilled all of the requirements of the VEHICLE MANAGEMENT POLICY (VMP).

Office Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00-4:00

Phone: 717.358.4730


Once you have met all of the requirements in the VMP, College vehicles may be leased for College business only. There are NO exceptions.

How do I rent a vehicle?

  • Anyone wishing to lease a vehicle may fill out the online Vehicle Reservation Request Form.
  • Reservations must be submitted online at least 24 hours prior to the requested date.
  • Upon receipt of the request, the Office of Auxiliary Services will verify that the listed driver is certified to drive a college vehicle and that he or she meets all required criteria. You must supply the name of the driver and account number to be charged before the reservation is confirmed. Failure to do so may result in your reservation being cancelled.
  • The Office of Auxiliary Services has shuttle drivers available for hire. The cost is the mileage ($0.55/mile) plus the driver's salary ($12/hr between 7am and 9pm and $18/hr between 9pm and 7am). If a shuttle driver is required, please note that on your vehicle reservation. The requesting organization is responsible for making all arrangements for the drivers.

Reservation requests will be considered based on the priority system outlined below:

  • Academic Departments
  • Athletics - provided that requests are received prior to the following deadlines:
    • Fall Season : by August 1
    • Spring Season: by January 30
  • Administrative Offices
  • Student Organizations and Clubs

Barring unforeseen circumstances, all reservations confirmed by the Transportation Coordinator are firm unless cancelled by the reserving party.

When do I pick up the vehicle?

  • Keys to a reserved van are to be picked up at the Office of Auxiliary Services (2nd floor of the Steinman College Center).
  • Keys should be picked up prior to but no later than 12pm of the reservation day, Monday through Friday.
  • Should the departure time fall outside normal working hours, the reserving organization should make arrangements to pick up the vehicle keys prior to 12:00pm of the work day preceding the trip.
  • The vehicle may not leave the Alumni Sports and Fitness Center lot prior to the departure time indicated on the Vehicle Reservation Request Form and the trip log.
  • Along with the van key, you will be given a vehicle trip log (gas credit cards provided based on the distance of the trip).  The driver will use this form to record the MILES AT START and MILES AT END of the trip.
  • It is imperative that the vehicle trip log is filled out. If information is missing, an estimate will be used. Record any comments about the vehicle or any problems encountered in the comments section of the trip log. The gas credit card is to be used for fuel and expenses for the vehicle only.
  • An emergency assistance card can be found in the glove compartment of the vehicle, and is to be used in the case of a vehicle breakdown.
  • Before departing, the authorized driver should make a quick inspection of the vehicle and note any problems on the trip log.

What do I do when I return the vehicle?

  • When returning a college vehicle, all debris is to be removed and placed in the trash receptacle adjacent to the parking lot. Failure to do so will result in a fine. (See Charges and Fines)
  • The completed trip log and keys are to be placed in the KEY RETURN BOX which is located by the vehicles in the Alumni Sports and Fitness Center parking lot. Be sure your beginning AND ending miles are filled in and that you have noted any problems you encountered with the vehicle. Make sure all doors are locked and all lights are out.
  • If you are late in returning to campus and are concerned about safety, request an escort through the Department of Public Safety (DPS) at 717.291.3939.
  • Call DPS after 4:30 if the vehicle should be removed from travel immediately. Please see the Accident reporting policy for more information.
  • Upon return, another inspection should be made and any new problems noted.

Do not keep a vehicle overnight without prior approval

Charges and Fines

  • Removal of seats in the vehicles: $25.00 per seat
  • Failure to notify the Office of Auxiliary Services of trip cancellation at least 24 hours prior to scheduled depart time: $25.00
  • Failure to return vehicle on time: $25.00 + mileage
  • Failure to return both forms of the trip log and/or vehicle key: $25.00 + mileage
  • Failure to remove all trash and debris from vehicle: $10.00 + mileage
  • Failure to fill out beginning miles and ending miles on the trip log. (We charge this set administrative fee to compensate for time and energy to determine the mileage. Please be advised the mileage will be an approximation and may not accurately reflect the miles traveled. It is to your advantage to remember to fill in the beginning and ending mileage): $10.00 + mileage
  • If the vehicle has to be professionally cleaned: $60.00
  • Monopolizing a van for 4 hours or more for a trip within a 10 mile radius that is not pre-authorized by the Transportation Coordinator : $30.00 + mileage
  • A maximum fine of $100.00 + mileage may be issued if a department/group fails to adhere to standard vehicle rental procedures or if multiple fines are issued during one rental period

Unavoidable Delays

Should unavoidable delays be encountered during a trip which prohibit returning the vehicle on time, contact the Office of Auxiliary Services at 717.358.4426, Monday-Friday, 8:30-4:30. At other times, please call the Department of Public Safety at 717.291-3939.

Please click here to fill out a Vehicle Reservation Request Form.