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Hertz Rental Cars

How It Works
The College has contracted with Hertz rental car to provide a vehicle on campus  that can be rented by the hour by the college community. The car is parked in the  Race Ave. parking lot at the North end of Weis Hall, the row of spaces closest  to the building. The spot is identified with a Hertz reserved parking space sign. Membership with Hertz is required, the membership form is found on-line at the website above. The minimum driver age is 18 and international drivers licenses will be considered. The Hertz driver background review process and the mailing of membership card takes about 10 days.  The hourly rental includes use of the car, gas (gas card provided to fill up if necessary) and insurance, an estimated total cost including tax is approximately $10/hr.
Once you receive your membership card you are able to make reservations for use of the car on-line at the website. (Select the “Make Reservation” button below) You will receive reservation confirmation by email. When your scheduled time arrives walk to the car and pass your membership card over the sensor on the front windshield (lower driver side corner), this will unlock the door. The keys are in the car in the center console, put the key in the ignition and the car will start. If you need to extend the time on your reservation there is a help button in the car that will connect you to the operator for assistance. The car will only operate during your schedule reservation time. When you arrive at your destination turn off the car, put the key back in the console, lock and close the door. Your membership card will unlock the door when you are ready to re-enter the car. Your membership card passed over the windshield sensor will also lock the door if the manual locking procedure did not lock the doors. Please be sure to keep the car locked during your reservation time if you are not driving it.
There is a gas card in the armrest or glove box that can be used at any gas station to fill up if necessary. Follow the prompts at the pump to fill up.
Please use the help button in the car if you have any questions or need assistance during the rental period.
For a more detailed answers, to your questions click on the FAQ button below.