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Parents: Our Partners in Prevention

F&M, like many schools across the country, is requiring our incoming Class of 2018 and transfer students to complete AlcoholEdu before they arrive on campus in August. AlcoholEdu is a strategic intervention that uses online tests and surveys to assess changes in knowledge, attitudes, and alcohol-related behaviors. Whether or not your student drinks alcohol, the program will empower your student to make well-informed decisions about alcohol, link their choices about drinking or not drinking to academic and personal success, and help them better cope with the drinking behavior of peers. Our goal is to reduce the negative consequences of alcohol misuse on campus and promote the health and safety of our student body.

AlcoholEdu will be available to incoming students at the beginning of August.  Instructions will be sent to students’ F&M e-mail addresses.

As parents and guardians, you are important partners in our prevention efforts.  We need your help in encouraging your student to make smart responsible choices and to help them consider the impact their choices will have on their college experience and goals.  Research indicates that conversations parents have with their college students about expectations, values, and decision making can have a positive impact on promoting healthy lifestyle choices and reducing high risk alcohol use. AlcoholEdu for Parents/Guardians will help you be better informed about the issues facing college students today and provide information to help you talk with your student about alcohol use in college.  We encourage you to review the course and have a conversation with your student. We hope that you will be our Partners in Prevention and discuss these issues with your son/daughter. 

To access AlcoholEdu for Parents please follow the directions on the right.