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College Connections - Beginnings

Get CONNECTED! Meet upperclass students! Join with others who share your interests!

As a key part of orientation, you will take part in an exciting program called College Connections to help you to branch out and meet other F&M students who are key members of campus organizations. This just might be the beginning of a long-term membership in that club or organization! At the very least you will make some upperclass friends and meet other first-year students with similar interests.

If you are a Fall sport athlete, your college connection will be your team’s practices. Please choose your team as your first choice on the selection form with the drop-down menus. Please do not make any other choices. If you intend to be a varsity athlete for a non-Fall sport team (even if they will have some Fall team activities), please make your five choices of the other clubs and organizations, as those teams DO NOT start their fall activities during orientation.

For the rest, you must choose from this list of participating clubs and organizations that will meet regularly during orientation, and complete the College Connections- Beginnings web submission form.

Active Minds Active Minds at F&M is a chapter of a national organization represented at colleges throughout the U.S., aiming to reduce the stigma of mental health issues. Through campus-wide events and national programs, we promote conversation about mental health issues and provide information about mental health and mental illness.
American Sign Language Club The American Sign Language Club is an organization on campus which promotes the learning and use of American Sign Language (ASL) and provides education regarding deaf culture. Members do not need any prior experience with ASL to attend meetings; club members will be taught ASL through structured lessons put together by the club's board. Anyone who is even slightly interested in learning more about deaf communities and ASL as a whole is highly encouraged to put this organization as a top choice.
Anime Club The Anime Club is an organization that offers weekly showings of various anime productions, including our "all-night anime" every other Friday which shows an entire 26 episode series. We also organize and host DIPLOCON which is a fantastic college anime and gaming convention.
Archery Club For those interested in archery, this is a recent addition to our club sports. 
Asian Cultural Society Do you love to eat sushi? Are you an Anime fanatic, and orgami lover, or just in love with Asian culture? Then the Asian Cultural Society is just the club for you. In a sneak peek view during College Connections, our club will have a sushi lunch, a game day, and even a short trip to the Asian market just to get you in tune with some Asian background. So come join in on the fun! Check out our club, and see what we are all about!
Ben's Underground Ben's Underground provides on-campus late night dining and a social setting for students to enjoy.  Our staff and executive board are  exclusively composed of students.  We also provide a space for clubs and other organizations to hold events (meetings, shows, concerts, etc).  
Black Student Union The Black Student Union meets the need for stonger coordination and organization of academic, cultural, political, and social activitites of black students. It recognizes the many aspects of College that influence their lives and aims to create a social atmosphere that is accepting of all views and addresses challenges and obstacles. BSU's goal is to create a community which is united.
Blue and White Society, The Want to meet interesting people while planning and attending the best events on campus?  The Blue and White society runs Homecoming and Spirit Week, a fireworks show, the Spring Arts block party, and Reunion Weekend.  If you want to meet alumni, while participating in Diplomat spirit events, this is the club to join!
Bonchek House Congress We are the House government for Bonchek House. We work throughout the year with members of our House to plan and implement events, make improvements to the House and encourage all House members to get involved with the House. Come learn more about how you can help your new College House.
Brooks House Government Composed of a five member Executive Board, a sixteen member Congress and many different commitees, the Brooks House Government seeks to get foster and improve student life within Brooks House by sponsoring many different events for house members. If you want to get involved on campus, there is no better place to start than volunteering to help out the Brooks House government and its committees. Come join us and get involved right away!
Business Club This club's mission is to provide our college community with exposure to professionals by leading discussions, offering speaker series and encouraging student participation in career workshops. We work closely with the departments of Business, Organizations and Society and Economics, Career Services, the Diplomatic Congress and the Financial Career Forum. We are also affiliated with the Lancaster County Association for Human Resource Management.
Catastrophic Relief Alliance Catastrophic Relief Alliance is an organization of F&M community members who are dedicated to voluntary disaster relief work. We aim to provide financial and personal assistance to people in substandard living conditions due to catastrophes. Established in the wake of Hurricane Katrina, we continue to operate at the highest levels of assistance with compassion and respect. Our big events are a trip to a disaster relief site over winter break and a trip in May after school is finished. We fundraise to subsidize the costs of the trips.
Chabad Student Group We provide a Jewish home away from home for students at Franklin and Marshall.
Chess Club It is the Chess Club. It's purpose is to educate people about chess, and to enhance their mental capabilities.
Chessmen, The Do you enjoy singing?  Do you like a cappella music? Then come spend some time with the Chessmen, F&M's only all-male a cappella group.  We are committed to entertaining the campus and community with fun and exciting performances. Come learn a couple of songs and even record a CD with the F&M Chessmen!
Ciao Bella This club celebrates Italian and Italian-American culture. They prepare and share meals together, organizes community service projects and fundraisers, goes on outings and puts together  culturally enriching activities.
Climbing Club The climbing club will organize weekly climbing trips to a nearby indoor rock climbing complex. The trips generally last from around 5 to at least 8 and provide students with healthy, fun and social alternatives on weekends. 
College Democrats The College Democrats are a student political group who bring a wide range of liberal discourse and activism to campus. 
College Dispatch, The The Dispatch is F&M's nonfiction literary journal and prints a monthly magazine of creative non-fiction, which includes articles ranging from personal essays to humor to pieces about pop culture.  We also print grapics in the magazine, which have included drawings, computer graphic designs, and photography.
College Entertainment Committee The College Entertainment Committee is F&M's largest all-campus planning organizations. We plan programs and promotes events for students by students! CEC members take part in bringing concerts, comedians, foor events, as well as planning trips to off-campus events, sporting events, Broadway trips, etc.
College Reporter, The The college reporter is the weekly, student-run newspaper of F&M.  With a staff of around 30 students, the college reporter features campus news, sports, and event coverage, along with student opinions on just about anything. The college reporter is a 16-page newspaper printed 25 times each school year, with 2000 papers distributed around campus and sent through the mail to subscribing parents and alumni.
College Republicans As the fastest growing political organization on campus, we are committed to helping to elect Republican candidates and to promoting conservative values at the College and elsewhere.
Colleges Against Cancer/Relay for Life Colleges Against Cancer (CAC) is a nationwide collaboration of college students through the American Cancer Society dedicated to eliminating cancer through educational and fundraising platforms. F&M's CAC chapter is part of a network of more than 300 chapters nationwide. This year will be our 7th annual Relay for Life, which is a 12 hour event to honor and remember those affected by cancer. Help us create a world with less cancer and more birthdays. It is up to you to make a difference!
Community Service House The Community Service House is a new organization here on F&M's campus. We will be working with local high school and middle school students as mentors; organizing activities and events. There will also be community service projects locally to bring together the F&M community with the Lancaster community. These projects will be picked each year by group members. 
Computing Services Our mission is to contribute to the quality of the undergraduate experience and the empowerment of the college community by maintaining a robust information infrastructure and related support services with a special emphasis on integrating technology into the curriculum.  We plan and manage information technology resources from a college-wide perspective and strive to provide a versatile and navigable information infrastructure.
Cooking Club The purpose of Cooking Club is to teach people cooking skills that will stay with them for life, to inform people about how to have a balanced and healthy diet, and to encourage the use of fresh, local and organic produce. 
Cross Country (Men) If you will be on this varsity Fall sport you will have practices during College Connections. Just choose your sport as your first selection and leave the rest blank. Thank you.
Cross Country (Women) If you will be on this varsity Fall sport you will have practices during College Connections. Just choose your sport as your first selection and leave the rest blank. Thank you.
Cycling Team We are a group of bicycle enthusiasts, both male and female, ranging from weekend riders to year round racers.  In a little over two years, we have grown from a humble 5 person team, to a 15 person, devision II, cycling powerhouse.  Our team competes in the Eastern Collegiate Cycling Conference against a variety of schools ranging from the University of Delaware, all the way to McGill college in Toronto.  Come be a part of a great group of people who are as much fun on their bikes as off, we promise you will make some new friends and have a great riding experience.
Dance Company & Dance Club F&M's Dance Company encourages anyone with interest in the dance community at F&M to join. We perform twice every year and explore a wide variety of dance styles. Come prepared to move and have a great time! The F&M Dance Club embraces dancers of all styles and technique levels. We take a fun approach to dance as an art form as well as a hobby. Weekly company classes offer tastes of a variety of dances. Dancers rehearse for two concerts performed each year on the Roschel Performing Arts Stage. Please wear loosely-fitted clothing
Dance Team The F&M Dance Team is a team of 18 dancers. We perform at half time of athletic events and other events around campus. We are a completely student run team that has grown in talent in size over the past few years. The Dance Team hopes to compete in nationals in Orlando, Florida next semester. We encourage all who are interested, experienced or not, to come out to meet us and be ready to dance!
Debate Club The Debate Team, sponsored by the College Houses, competes on the national circuit a numerous tournaments at other colleges and universities such as Bryn Mawr, Swarthmore, Harvard, Princeton and Yale.. The Parliamentary style of debate that we use during these competitions pitss two debaters against two others on issues dealing with current events, legal issues and/or philosophical questions. No experience is required, just a willingness to learn and improve while testing your skills in logic, critical thinking and public speaking.
DESIfusion Dance Club Desifusion Dance Club serves as a dance club that combines different art forms together to create a fusion form of dance. We encourage participation from talented students of diverse backgrounds that are interested in not only one dance form, but the combination of several different ones in conjunction with Indian dance to form a unique collaboration of students that perform on campus.
Diplomatic Congress The purpose of this congress is to unite student organizations under one body to create a powerful student body voice. This should bring all members of the Franklin & Marshall College community to incorporate the interests of all students in an open environment. The goal of this body is to encourage communication and cohesion among subsidiaries while respecting their individuality and autonomy. This overaching organization is meant to serve as an advocacy body as well as a means to facilitate programming among pre-established organizations.
Environmental Action Alliance EAA educates the campus about sustainability and environmental issues. The club strives to raise environmental awareness on campus and promote ecological initiatives within the student body. Recent achievements include the introduction of recycling stations around the entire campus, the establishment of the Sustainability Theme House and dthe establishment of a community garden/farm. EAA also host the Fair Trade Cafe, a weekly luncheon to promote local and organic food. The groups meets weekly during the academic year. Come join us!
Epilogue Epilogue is the fiction, poetry, art, and photography magazine on campus. The staff of Epilogue collects, selects, edits, and lays out submissions from students on campus. These submissions are then published into a 60-70 page color magazine. This magazine is published annually.
Equestrian Club The Equestrian Club is a close-knit group of students who share a common love for horses.  It doesn't matter if you're experienced or not; every level is encouraged to participate.  Our trainer coaches us at Hammer Creek Farm and travels with us to optional competitions, and you can qualify for national competitions. Even if you just want to ride for fun come join us. No experience required.
EYEsee Club EYEsee is an all-student run international health mission that addresses the vision needs of the disadvantaged in the poorer segments of the world’s populations. EYEsee believes that everyone has a right to see clearly. EYEsee collects and recycles used eyeglasses in the U.S and supplies overseas medical missions to the poorer countries. EYEsee believes that recycled eyeglasses are the low-cost and mass solution to the desperate need for eyeglasses in the developing countries of the world.
F&M Broadcasters The club serves the parents and alumni who follow F&M athletics live on the air in order to bridge the gap between their classmates and their distant families and alumni and their alma mater. The volunteers have put together over 200 webcasts in its first two years. Coverage included F&M's NCAA playoff runs in men's basketball and women's lacrosse, and with the help of Comcast 10 in Frederick, Md., produced a four-camera shoot complete with graphics for over 600 paying viewers when F&M hosted the 104th EIWA Championship. If you are a student and think you may be the next Mel Allen, Curt Gowdy, Harry Kalas or John Madden, contact
F&M EMS F&M EMS is made up of F&M students who are all state licensed EMTs. We have weekly training meetings and respond to medical emergencies on and around campus. We are available for calls from 7pm-7am every night during the school year and respond in our truck or on our bikes.
F&M Options: The Other Night Life If you like innovation, socializing, creativity, or adventure, this is the club for you! F&M Options: The Other Night Life is a new organization that ensures students have diverse opportunities for evening activities. We look to form an inclusive society where students from diverse backgrounds are brought together through niche-interest events. We want to allow for expansive networking in a social, relaxed, setting at little to no cost to the student. To promote inclusiveness, we try to host all events with at least one current F&M club or organization. Events we have promoted in the past include a Casino Night, Back to the 90's Comedy and Trivia Night, open mics, S'moresgasbord (s'mores and fires), Rocky Horror Picture Show [Interactive Viewing], and the Loop 2.0 Project.  F&M Options is place where existing events can be promoted and new events can be born. 
F&M Players F&M Players is a student run musical theater organization that puts on 2 shows a year; a full-scale production and a Broadway Revue. 
F&M Unleashed F&M Unleashed is a student-run volunteer group that provides extra help to local Animal Rescue organizations in the Lancaster area. Whether it is spending some time caring for the homeless pets at the Humane League of Lancaster County or assisting the Furry Friends Network in planning/running community awareness and fundraising events, F&M students will be out making a difference in the number of cats and dogs in need right in our own backyard.
Field Hockey (Women) If you will be on this varsity Fall sport you will have practices during College Connections. Just choose your sport as your first selection and leave the rest blank. Thank you.
Football If you will be on this varsity Fall sport you will have practices during College Connections. Just choose your sport as your first selection and leave the rest blank. Thank you.
Fraternity Life (Inter Fraternity Council) Men's Fraternities have been a part of F&M since the founding of the College. Come meet fellow F&M men who are members and learn about what a fraternity experience has to offer you to support your goals and life-long opportunities. 
Gaming Society The F&M Gaming Society is a collection of people who enjoy getting together to play a casual board, card, computer, console, or tabletop game. We sponsor tournaments throughout the semester, and help organize and run F&M's very own Diplocon, an annual convention involving the culture of games and anime.
German Club Join with this group that promotes German culture and language on campus. Participate in fun and informative  events including Oktoberfest, Fasnacht Dayu and Nikolaustag. Make and sample traditional German food.
Gourmet Society The Gourmet Society provides not only the opportunity for students to dine, but also to learn, both from the dishes they encounter as well as the people across the table. A greater understanding of a country’s native ingredients and their preparation provides an access point into that country’s agriculture, history, and more. Presentations to this effect will accompany each meal. Additionally, this society will give participants the opportunity to receive a hands-on experience with an array of cuisines.
Hillel F&M Hillel student leaders and professionals are dedicated to creating a pluralistic, welcoming, inclusive and fun environment for Jewish college students, where they are encouraged to grow intellectually, spiritually and socially. Hillel helps students find a balance in being distinctively Jewish and universally human by encouraging them to pursue tzedek (social justice), tikkun olam (repairing the world), simcha (celebration of joyous occasions), and Torah (Jewish learning), and to support Israel and global Jewish people hood. F&M Hillel is committed to excellence, innovation, accountability and results.
Human Rights Initiative, The Lack of education is a critical source of many human rights violations throughout the world. The Human Rights Initiative (THRI), encompassing students and members of the F&M community, aims to be a voice to raise awareness, fundraise, and most importantly to empower every individual with the understanding that they can invoke change. To do this we will aspire to influence individuals and organizations as a whole. We want to serve and inspire those with the foresight and desire to improve the educational conditions in the world.
I.M.P.A.C.T. Since 2004 our goal has been to create powerful minority men and have them become a positive asset to Franklin & Marshall College. Though the emphasis is on minority males, we are open to have males from ALL racial and ethnic backrounds. IMPACT CORE strives to meet the needs of the College and beyond.
Ice Hockey (Men) Join this club sport team which competes against other college and university ice hockey clubs.
Inter Varsity Christian Fellowship Inter-Varsity Christian Fellowship seeks to be a welcoming place for all F&M students regardless of their experience or background.  Students who join IVCF begin a journey of following Jesus and deepening their relationship with God; they are taught to study the Bible; they receive leadership training; and they participate in a varsity of mission opportunities.
International Club The International Club seeks to facilitate international student life as well as to demonstrate the cultural diversity of the F&M student body. Through various club acitivities, members of the Club are given the opportunities for socialization to help ease their transition to college and to simultaneously contribute to the college community by sharing various experiences and different cultural backgrounds, thereby promoting diversity and fostering a greater sense of internationalism within F&M College. This will help better international understanding and contribute to an increased integration between international and American students on the campus scale.
International Women's Outreach Committee International Women's Outreach Committee is a group that focuses on international women's rights and issues. The goal of the committee is to connect with women and women's groups overseas and to provide aid (monetary and/or others). We currently have three projects: we are raising awareness and fundraising for Invisible Children, raising money to build a school under F&M's name in Cambodia and we are working with the Cultural Development Center for Rural Women which raises awareness on sexual violence in China.
John Newman Association We are the Christian Catholic organization that does more than just insure the Mass is offered every Sunday on campus. We also do community service and organize a lot of fun activities that create fellowship amongst our members and the campus community.
Kite & Keys Kite & Keys is one of two all-female a cappella groups on campus. A close knit family of 11 girls currently, we sing a variety of music, ranging from top 40s to old school, country, and everything in between!  We have 3-5 concerts a year, sing for various campus events, and partake in F&M's annual concert that includes all four a cappella groups! If you want to sing, beat box or have an all around fantastic time with some amazing ladies, check us out!!
Lacrosse Club (Men) For men who don't want to commit themselves to varsity lacrosse but still enjoy playing the game. We compete against other club lacrosse teams around the region and host tournaments. Newly recognized team, and still growing. 
Lacrosse Club (Women) For women who don't want to commit themselves to varsity lacrosse but still enjoy playing the game. We compete against other club lacrosse teams around the region and host tournaments. Newly recognized team, and still growing. 
LGBTA This organization promotes equality and educates the campus on issues of the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgender Association (LGBTA), while creating safe spaces on campus
Math Finance Club The primary purpose of this organization is to provide students an opportunity to discuss how we can applymath in finance modeling. In order to deepen students’ understanding of the importance of math in financial industry, we will set up a virtual club fund and invest with it. 
Men United Against Sexual Assault (MUASA) Men United Against Sexual Assault (MUASA) is an independent, all-men sexual assault awareness and prevention group. We work to shift the campus norms surrounding the difficult issue of sexual assault, with the goal of creating a culture of bystander intervention. We give presentations to campus and community groups, and host all-campus events every semester. Formerly known as "One in Four Sexual Assault Prevention Group."
Mi Gente Latina Mi Gente Latina plans to politically and socially represent the Latino community on campus.  To help in the educational and social interests of those interested in Latino Cultures.  To educate the F&M and Lancaster communities about cultural differences through guest speakers and activities. We also try to find a common bond between them.
Mock Trial Club The goal of Mock Trial is to be successful in competitions as well as work as a team to make a solid case strategy. We plan to reach these goals by putting time and energy into our preparation for competition. Mock trial is a lot of fun and a great way to learn public speaking skills, learn about law, and meet new people. There will be opportunities to act as witnesses and lawyers, and it is a great experience for people interested in law.
Model United Nations The F&M Model United Nations Club is a student organization that seeks to promote the debate and discussion of international issues among the college community, increase student knowledge about international relations and international organizations, and improve student proficiency in diplomatic skills. The club accomplishes this primarily through preparation and competition in Model United Nations competitions and similar conferences.
Muslim Students Association The F&M MSA aims to serve as a spiritual, social, and academic network to Muslim students. Additionally, the MSA hosts all campus events which serve to enlighten the F&M community about the religion of Islam. The group was newly established in Fall 2011 and has been going strong ever since. The MSA welcomes both Muslim students as well as non-Muslim students with an interest in learning about Islam. 
New College House Senate The New College House Senate is the student run governing body of the NCH.  Just one year old and we have already written a Constitution and started great traditions.  If you are looking to be involved in planning and executing house activities, the Senator job is for you.  We work to plan house dinners, dances, outings and activities for the students in NCH.  The Senate represents the voice of the NCH!
Oriflamme Yearbook The Oriflamme is the official yearbook of Franklin & Marshall College.  A student run organization, the Oriflamme is dedicated to preserving the year at Franklin & Marshall College for alumni and future students by chronicling events from Freshman Orientation to Commencement and covering Student Life, Greek Life, Clubs and Organizations, Faculty, Sports, and Seniors. In recent years, the Oriflamme has received many honors and awards. The Oriflamme is a three-time winner of the Best Media Publication Award.  The Oriflamme has received the Benjamin D. Peralta ’89 award for being “a recognized student organization that has contributed in a significant or unique way to Franklin & Marshall College or the Lancaster community.  Davor Photography nationally recognized the 2005 Oriflamme as one of the 12 best yearbooks in the nation by honoring it with the Gallery Award.  So sign up for our program and join our fun and friendly staff!
Paintball Club Join a dedicated group of individuals that enjoy playing paintball. The group has both recreational paintball outings and has a team that competes against other schools and groups. 
Pep Band We are a student organized Pep Band that plays in the stands at football games, pep rallies and other various school functions bringing fun and musical spirit. All wind and percussion players are welcome.  WHAT A PEP BAND! 
Phi Sigma Pi National Coed Honor Fraternity Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity is a co-educational fraternity open to undergraduate students attending four-year colleges and universities throughout the United States. Our purpose is to bring together some of the brightest and most motivated students on campus and work together in a spirit of excellence to encourage three ideals: scholarship, leadership, and fellowship. The Zeta Beta chapter of Franklin & Marshall established itself in Spring 2010 and is excited to meet interested students who are ready to lead, inspire, and learn, while having fun!
Poor Richards F&M's only co-ed a capella group!  As a dynamic group we make all of our own arrangements of contemporary popular music. We perform both on an off campus. Sing, go on tour, and record a CD with a great group!
Quidditch Club The Quiddtich team is modeled after the sport in Harry Potter.  We run around with brooms between our legs and throw balls at each other.  As in Harry Potter, there is a seeker, keeper, two beaters, and three chasers, and a cross country player dressed in gold spandex acts as the snitch.  This is a co-ed contact sport.  You don't have to like Harry Potter to play - it is ridiculously fun regardless!
Rotaract Club The purpose of Rotaract is to provide an opportunity for young men and women to enhance the knowledge and skills that will assist them in personal development, to address the physical and social needs of their communities, and to promote better relations between all people worldwide through a framework of friendship and service.
Rowing Team (Men) F&M Men's Rowing is a officially a club-varsity program, but competes intercollegiately at the varsity level and is a charter member of the Mid-Atlantic Rowing Conference. We race in both the fall and the spring and, like most collegiate rowing programs, actively recruit athletic beginners for our fall novice squad. No experience is necessary; come check us out!
Rowing Team (Women) F&M Women's Rowing is an NCAA Division III varsity program and is a charter member of the Mid-Atlantic Rowing Conference. We race in both the fall and the spring and, like most collegiate rowing programs, actively recruit athletic beginners for our fall novice squad. No experience is necessary; come check us out!
Rugby (Men and Women) Rugby allows students with or without prior experience to develop their skills while having fun and meeting new people. Every season brings new excitement and enthusiasm with a great group of teammates. We have a winning tradition here at F&M with the men and women's teams. Both teams have finished in the top of their league and competed for the Division 3 national championship in 2003 and 2005. Our motto is: Give blood, play rugby.
Rumspringa We're an improvisational comedy troupe on campus. We formulated a few years ago, and after a few really successful shows we decided to make it official. Within our nubile ranks, we have everyone from seniors to freshmen, men and women represented. We're planning on expanding our repertoire from silly games to sketch and skit comedy.
School-wide Activities Group The School Wide Activities group organizes, funds and moderates campus-wide games for the entire student body to participate in. Games including Assassins, Humans versus Zombies and Capture-the-Flag are a great way for freshmen students to build stories and friendships that can last their entire college career.
Secular Student Alliance The mission of the Secular Student Alliance is to foster growth and understanding of the secular viewpoint by organizing, uniting, educating, and serving students.  We are a student community that promote the ideals of scientific and critical inquiry, democracy, secularism, and human-based ethics.  We serve as a community for mostly secular, atheist and/or humanist students, but those of all religions and denominations of faith are encouraged to attend our meetings.
SISTERS The purpose of SISTERS is to provide support for women of all backgrounds and ethnicities to form one sisterhood of thoughtful, analytical, well-rounded women. SISTERS teaches these women to be respectful, not only to themselves, but to each other.  We organize activities such as parties, a pink tie ball, guest speakers, a car wash and barbeque discussions, events with sororities, manicures and massages and much more.
Ski & Snowboard Club The Ski Club is an entity that exists for the benefit of all Franklin & Marshall students. It promotes skiing and snowboarding as a fitness and recreational activity. It also provides financial assistance to make skiing and snowboarding more affordable for students.
Soccer Club (Men) F&M's men's club soccer team is a competitive soccer team that is more relaxed than the varsity team. The team practices two to three times per week and has games against other colleges and universities on weekends during both the fall and the spring. The team is a completely student run organization.
Soccer Club (Women) F&M's women's club soccer team is a competitive soccer team that is more relaxed than the varsity team. The team practices two to three times per week and has games against other colleges and universities on weekends during both the fall and the spring. The team is a completely student run organization.
Soccer Varsity (Men) If you will be on this varsity Fall sport you will have practices during College Connections. Just choose your sport as your first selection and leave the rest blank. Thank you.
Soccer Varsity (Women) If you will be on this varsity Fall sport you will have practices during College Connections. Just choose your sport as your first selection and leave the rest blank. Thank you.
Sorority Life (Panhellenic Council) Women’s Sororities  offer a life-long experience that is committed to providing opportunities for F&M Women who want to develop their greatest potential. Please join us of an opportunity to learn more about what Sorority life can offer and meet fellow F&M women.!
Student Health Advisory Committee The groups works with the College's Director of Student Health and Wellness Education and meets monthly to discuss current issues and suggest programming. These volunteers also assist with implementation of programming on an as needed basis. The input of these volunteers is essential to planning events that meet the current needs of students.
Students for Autism Awareness Students For Autism partners with The Tommy Foundation to help provide events and services catered to the Autistic community. Members of Students For Autism have the opportunity to serve as a buddy and mentor to a child or teenager with Autism. We have several events throughout the year for the local special needs community. We also have several events promoting Autism awareness on campus.
Students for Education Reform SFER (Students for Education Reform) seeks to raise awareness about inequity in public education among college students on Franklin & Marshall’s campus in order to prepare the next generation of leaders to talk intelligently and passionately about education reform. Through discussion panels, information sessions, job fairs, relationships with F&M alums in the Teach For America corps, and service projects, we seek to change the nature of discussion on F&M’s campus in order to promote change. 
Sweet Ophelia Sweet Ophelia is F&M's only all-female a cappella group. We arrange all our own music and we sing contemporary songs for the campus community. Each spring, we professionally record a CD! Come meet a great bunch of girls who love to sing!
Ultimate Frisbee (Men's and Women's) Ultimate frisbee is a rapidly growing sport worldwide.  The F&M ultimate team strives to maintain a competitive and fun atmosphere to accommodate both serious athletes and casual fans of the game.  During the semester we hold regular practices to prepare for inter-collegiate tournaments.  All skill levels welcome! No experience neccessary!
VITA VITA (Volunteer Income Tax Assistance) program is one of the great volunteer opportunities at F&M where you have the ability to directly help low income families in Lancaster. Over 40 volunteers each year participate the program and we need new people (like you) each year! Preparing taxes is not as hard as it sounds, and once you learn how, you will be surprised how thankful people are when they are receiving a return of $5,000+. At college connections, we will take you through the process of becoming a tax preparer and start planning the opening of our tax site. Leadership opportunities are available to the incoming class! 
Volleyball Club (Men) Join this club sport team which competes against other college and university volleyball clubs.
Volleyball Varsity (Women) If you will be on this varsity Fall sport you will have practices during College Connections. Just choose your sport as your first selection and leave the rest blank. Thank you.
VOX VOX is a long standing club that supports Planned Parenthood.  VOX runs many on campus events including the Healthy Lovin' Party, National Condom Week, The Female Orgasm, and more!  If you're interested in reproductive justice, education on STD/HIV/AIDS, and safe and fun sex come get to know us!
Ware College Parliament We are the governing system of the Ware College House. In the upcoming year, we would like to get more of our students involved. WARE makes the descisions for the house with our three committee events, traditions and communications.  WARE chooses what takes place and we make the decisions for all that occurs.
Water Polo Club The water polo club is a co-ed team registered in the Collegiate Water Polo Association (CWPA). We meet four times a week to practice and compete against other college club teams in both  fall and spring time leagues. Practice includes weight lifting and shooting and passing skills in the pool. Our most important goal is for everyone to have fun and grow to become better players. Our team is more like a family unit and we would love for you to be a part of it! 
Weis College House Assembly of Peers We are the House government for Weis College House.  As our Constitution states: It is our goal to promote ties among students, faculty, administration, and alumni by providing opportunities to initiate, organize, and partake in the life of the House. We work throughout the year with members of our House to plan and implement events, make improvements to the House and encourage all House members to get involved with the House.  
WFNM All music lovers, WFNM Franklin & Marshall's FM radio station, is calling you!  We are a student run organization that is looking for more aspiring radio DJs who want to have their own radio show.  Do not be scared of broadasting over the radio.  It is much easier than you think and you will have fun doing it.  This FM-Stereo station broadcasts about 2--25 miles.  WFNM is going to be about broadcasting and radio sponsored concerts and events throughout the campus and the city of Lancaster.  
Women's Center/SAVE The F&M Women's Center was established in 1992 to encourage dialogue on Women's and gender issues and to promote equality and respect on campus.  Both women and men serve on the student-run board, and both women and men participate in the Center's popuiar weekly discussions and the other activities it sponsors. SAVE (Sexual Assault and Violence Education) is dedicated to educating women and men about sexual assault, dating and domestic violence
Worker's Advocacy Group The Workers' Rights Group advocates for workers in the F&M Community. The group's goal is have all employees receive a living wage and to end all sub-contracting to companies that do our custodial and food services.  Come join the movement for justice and a living wage on Franklin & Marshall's Campus!