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Staff Profiles

  • Jack_Madden_FOOTbio

Jack Madden '14, FOOT Program Director

Major: Astrophysics            

Hometown: Beach Haven, NJ  

College House Affiliation: Brooks

Year: Senior

Favorite place hiked: Arizona

Favorite outdoor meal: Peanut butter

Hello, as one of only 3 other astrophysics majors at F&M I love learning as much as I can about the intricate and beautiful workings of the universe.  I grew up on the sandy shores of Long Beach Island then moved to Princeton, NJ when I was eleven. Like everyone should, I love the outdoors. I enjoy swimming, sailing, hiking, crawling through the swampy remains of abandon fish processing factories and skiing. When I arrived at F&M I knew I wanted to be an astrophysicist but I also wanted to do something that made a difference more directly so I became a PA state certified EMT.  I’ve volunteered thousands of hours providing emergency medical services to the college as a director of our own campus EMS squad and also in the community. My skills as an EMT are also extremely useful off-duty on a day-to-day basis as well as on the trail. I’m always open to questions about EMS and the rest of the universe so don’t be afraid to ask!  

  • Sam_FOOTbio

Sam Alter ‘15, FOOT Program Director

Major: Geology
Minor: Environmental Studies (Intended)

Hometown: Brooklyn, NY
College House Affiliation: Brooks
Year: Junior
Favorite Place Hiked: Maine
Favorite Outdoor Meal: Quesadillas

I have had many memorable hiking trips with family and friends over the years and look forward to this special opportunity to hike with new Fummers on the great Appalachian Trail. At F&M, I am on the rowing team, was a drummer in the Jazz Band, and I'll be an HA again this year. I have always enjoyed science and love learning about our universe, both on a macro and micro scale. I expect to have lots of conversations during our trip regarding the merits of various hiking-related gear.
  • Moriah_Maron_FOOTbio

Moriah Maron '14, FOOT Trip Leader

Major: Government

Minor: Environmental Studies

Hometown: Quonochontuag, RI

College House Affiliation: Ware

Year: Senior

Favorite place hiked: Baja, Mexico

Favorite outdoor meal: Calzones

Hi all! Hard to believe, but I am already a senior at F&M! I am from Rhode Island and love the water, scuba diving, kayaking, and sitting on the beach! I spent two semesters abroad: in Baja Mexico with the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS), hiking, sailing, and sea kayaking, and in South Caicos, Turks and Caicos with the School For Field Studies studying marine biology and marine resource management. I love the outdoors and have learned so much about others and myself spending time outdoors. I look forward to meeting the incoming first-year students and I can’t wait to share time on the Appalachian Trail with you! 

  • Eila Miller FOOT

Eila Miller '15, FOOT Trip Leader 

Major: Animal Behavior, Environmental Science Joint Major

Minor: Hispanic Culture

Hometown: Encinitas, CA

College House Affiliation: New

Year: Junior

Favorite Place Hiked: White Mountain

Favorite Outdoor Meal: Piute Pizza

Hey Guys!!! I cannot wait to meet all of you and spend some time in the great outdoors before classes start.  Being a typical San Diegan I love Mexican food, the beach, and sunny 70° weather.  Although Lancaster isn’t known for its Mexican food or its weather, the friendly people and welcoming atmosphere make F&M a home away from home.  On campus I am involved in the Outdoors club, the Environmental Action Alliance (one of the Environmental clubs on campus), and am on the Women’s Rugby team. I hope you guys have a fantastic summer and are ready for some sweet times come August 18th! 

Maddy Malcolm '15, FOOT Trip Leader