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As part of its ongoing commitment to sustainability, Franklin & Marshall is developing and refining purchasing practices to ensure that office supplies, furniture, appliances and equipment upgrades are essential and make use of sustainable materials. The College also is moving toward a centralized purchasing system to streamline processes and enable departments to consolidate procurement of goods and services. 

The plan sets immediate and long-term goals for procurement, including the following:

  • Goal 1: Increase the percentage of sustainable goods and services purchased above 2013 levels.
    • Strategy 1: Use FY13 purchasing data, obtained from the controller, to establish a baseline that identifies spending and sources of all goods and services purchased by the College. The FY13 baseline will be established by no later than August 1, 2014.
    • Strategy 2: Develop purchasing policies around environmental impact (including waste), labor standards, local sourcing and minority/women-owned businesses.
    • Strategy 3: Centralize more of the College’s procurement of goods and services to manage consistent implementation of the established policies.
  • Goal 2: Establish a threshhold for F&M in terms of percentage of goods/services procured consistent with the purchasing policy (e.g., 90 percent of F&M's purchases will be consistent with F&M Sustainable Purchasing Policy) to replace Goal 1.
    • Strategy 1: Track compliance with procurement policy.

Existing Initiatives Cited in the Plan
The College is currently implementing a new Enterprise Resource System as part of an effort toward a centralized purchasing system. One of the goals of converting to the new system is to procure more goods and services that have a lower environmental impact and a higher degree of social responsibility. Such a system also should make the College eligible for volume discounts.