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Transportation Management

Franklin & Marshall aims to foster a campus environmental ethic that spreads beyond the bounds of the campus with the hope of reducing greenhouse gases from commuter travel. A primary goal of the Sustainability Master Plan is to reduce fossil fuel consumption in the campus fleet. 
The plan sets immediate and long-term goals for transportation management, including the following:
  • Goal 1: Reduce fossil fuel consumption in campus fleet.
    • Strategy 1: Study alternative sources of power for the campus fleet.
    • Strategy 2: Work with DPS to re-introduce the officer bike program as an alternative to just utilizing the DPS vehicles.
    • Strategy 3: Reduce trips and allow for shorter travel distances to support operations. 
  • Goal 2: Reduce fossil fuel consumption in community travel.
    • Strategy 1: Reduce air travel trips. 
    • Strategy 2: Promote walking, biking, car-pooling and use of public transit. 
    • Strategy 3: Use parking policies and practices as tools to reduce vehicle travel and fossil fuel usage.

Existing Initiatives Cited in the Plan
F&M accommodates commuters with 1,500 parking spaces on campus, for which individuals are required to register their cars with the Department of Public Safety. The College has a Bike Share Program that allows students, faculty and professional staff to rent a bike for the semester for $25.