Behavior and the Nervous System

Research in neuroscience and animal behavior is integrated into the BFB curriculum from early coursework in the major, to collaborative research experiences in small teams of students, to long-term student/faculty collaboration on federally-funded research project. Neuroscience and Animal Behavior students at F&M often serve as coauthors on publications and/or present their research at national meetings of professional societies in neuroscience, biology, psychology, and animal behavior (e.g., The Society for Neuroscience, The American Psychological Association; see below for additional details).

Established in 1996, the Biological Foundations of Behavior Program is staffed jointly by members of the Departments of Biology and Psychology.

It also has close ties to  Scientific and Philosophical Studies of Mind, an interdisciplinary program sponsored by the Philosophy and Psychology Departments.

The Pulse

Story 1/20/2015

Researchers Find Link Between Gene Mutations and Rare...

A team of student researchers led by a Franklin & Marshall College neuroscience professor and two colleagues from the Clinic for Special Children discovered a link between gene mutations and a rare...

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Story 12/5/2014

Planaria to the Nautilus: Brightening the LSP with the...

Ever wonder just how diverse animal life it?  Well that’s just the theme of the new exhibit on the second floor of the Life Sciences and Philosophy building. The exhibit was created by Franklin and...

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Story 10/23/2014

The Art of Disruption: Finding Opportunities in the Spaces

Dr. Joan Fallon '79 tells a Common Hour audience that her discovery of a biomarker for autism, and multiple science patents, was accomplished because her liberal arts education taught her to question...

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