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Bio 230

Cell Biology

BIO 230 explores the cell and the molecular basis of cell function.  The cell is the fundamental unit of life itself. Cells have been evolving for four billion years. Thus, the cell, in the words of the famous biochemist Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, "is a wise old bird." Together, faculty and students in BIO 230 explore the fascinating, intricate, and molecularly elegant mechanisms and patterns of organization that cells have evolved.  No other areas in biology are changing as fast as cell and molecular biology, and in BIO 230 you will gain insights into this very exciting area of modern biology.

Course Objectives

  1. Students will master a selection of the current basic concepts and facts of cell biology.
  2. Students will be able to cite and evaluate evidence for some major current hypotheses and models in cell biology.
  3. Students will learn the basis of many experimental approaches by which knowledge is obtained in cell biology and will have "hands-on" experience with some basic techniques in cell biology.
  4. Students will have "hands-on" experience in imaging electrophoretic gel patterns, and in the imaging of cells by use of Digital Video Microscopy.
  5. Students will gain experience in recording and analyzing data and in presenting such data in figures and tables.

Bio 230, the third core course in cell biology, is taken after Biology 110 and Biology 220. Chemistry 111 is a prerequisite to this course. Chemistry 112 is a corequisite.