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Bio 370

Environmental Physiology of Plants (N)

This course is focused on the interconnectedness of plants and their environments.  The form and function of plants is greatly affected by environmental factors such as water, nutrient and light availability; at the same time, though, plants exert a major influence on ecosystem processes such as water and nutrient cycling.  Lectures will explore topics including physiological adaptation, resource acquisition and allocation, funcitonal trade-offs, photosynthesis, carbon and energy balance, water use and water relations, stable isotope applications in physiology, stress physiology, the effects of land use and climate change on plant form and function, the evolution of physiological performance and linkages between physiology of the individual and processes at the population and ecosystem levels.  In the laboratory students will have the opportunity to learn advanced techniques in environmental physiology; in the second half of the semester students will design and carry out individual research projects.  Permission required.  Prerequisite:  BIO220.  Same as ENV370.