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Bio 37X

Comparative Endocrinology Seminar

Hormones work singly or in combination to affect a wide range of physiological processes in all kinds of animals, from tiny adjustments in blood pressure, to minor changes in skin pigmentation, to the impressive metamorphosis of amphibians. Hormone action promotes growth and reproduction, it maintains energy stores and water balance, and it forms a nexus between physiology and behavior, as certain hormone levels can influence an animal's response to changes in its external environment, and vice versa. All these processes will be explored in this seminar with particular attention to reproduction, metabolism, the body's response to stress, and social relationships. Human endocrinology will be covered in reasonable depth, but not to the exclusion of other vertebrates. Class periods will include discussions of scientific literature, case studies, and overview of laboratory methods. Student evaluation will be based on quiz performance, assigned paper discussion(s), and formal literature review.