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Biology Department Policies


The Biology Department is very concerned with your safety while you are working here. We provide a safe working environment, and we insist you employ safe procedures and use proper precautions when working with hazardous materials. One or two members of the staff are Safety Officers. These persons are responsible for chemical safety and safety in the use of radioactive materials.

On the following two pages are Laboratory Safety Guidelines and a form you will sign in class to acknowledge that you have learned and will follow safe procedures.

Animal Care and Use

The study of biology sometimes requires the use of animals. We insist that animals are cared for properly and, if they are sacrificed, are killed humanely. A member of the Department serves on the Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee, which oversees all use of animals in research and teaching at F & M. The committee is responsible for following all government regulations concerning animal care and use and it reviews protocols for all uses of animals at the College.

All of our students are educated on the proper respect and care shown to living animals in the laboratory. Students who object to the use of animals in core courses will, if they request it, be assigned alternate exercises. Students who object to the use of animals in electives may approach the instructor during preregistration to see if alternate exercises can be arranged. If the instructor thinks the alternate exercises will allow the student to learn the material and skills he or she needs to learn in the course, the alternate exercises may be assigned. If, on the other hand, the instructor thinks that no alternate exercises are possible, then the student will be advised not to register for the course.

Human Experimentation

The study of biology sometimes involves human subjects. Human subjects must be treated with special care in accordance with ethical principles and federal regulations. All use of human subjects must be approved by the College Human Subjects Committee.