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Careers in Biology

By emphasizing biology and the related basic sciences, the Biology curriculum provides students with a strong, fundamental preparation for many careers as well as for advanced study. Fantastic opportunities for meaningful work await our graduates both in biology and related professional careers.

Franklin and Marshall's biology program provides students with a firm scientific foundation as well as with sufficient flexibility to accommodate individual interests. The range of these interests is reflected in the paths biology majors follow after graduation. There is a vast and expanding array of careers open to biology graduates, with or without further education, and employment prospects in these areas are very good.

About 85 percent of biology majors pursue further study, either directly after graduation or following a brief period of employment. Many go on to advanced training in health-related fields including medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, health care administration, nutrition and scientific research.

A number of students pursue master's and doctoral degrees in biology and related fields. Recent graduates have been admitted to universities such as Michigan, Yale, Cornell, Harvard, and Duke for study in fields as diverse as molecular genetics, marine biology, reproductive physiology, biophysics, and plant ecology. Although such study often leads to a career in university teaching and research, there are opportunities for biologists in other occupations as well. These include industry (molecular biology, agricultural technology, pharmaceutical research, environmental consulting) and government (departments of health, agriculture, conservation, and environmental resources; also state parks and museums).

In any year about one-third of our graduates enter medical school or other professional school for the healing arts, about one-third enter graduate school, and about one-third enter employment immediately.

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Career Services

The Office of Post-Graduate Development, 619 College Avenue, helps students to make career choices. It has a counseling staff and special advisors for students interested in graduate or professional school. It houses a career information library. You may make an appointment to see a counselor there. Also see the College Life Manual for more information.

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