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Pre-Health Professions

Nearly 10% of the College's alumni have careers in the health professions, and many of them chose to major in Biology. The College's Health Professions Advising Office, part of the Office of Student and Post-Graduate Development, provides support for students interested in the health professions while they are at Franklin & Marshall and during the application process to professional schools. Our graduates are universal in the praise for the Biology Department in the preparation it provides for medical, veterinary, and dental school.

Most health professional schools require one year of inorganic chemistry (CHM 111 and 112), one year of organic chemistry (CHM 211 and 212), one year of biology (BIO 110 and 220), one year of physics (PHY 111 and 112 or PHY 211 and 212), one year of mathematics (MAT 109 and either MAT 110 or 116), and one year of English.

See the Pre-Health Professions Adviser for information on scheduling courses, taking the MCAT, and application to professional schools.