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Off-campus Study Opportunities

The Biology Faculty encourages majors to consider off-campus study as part of their time at Franklin & Marshall College. Off-campus study can be a critical part of a liberal arts education. In addition, many of these programs provide specialized training that is unavailable on campus. You can learn about more opportunities by looking at fliers posted in the hallways of the LSP, as well as by speaking to faculty in the Biology Department.  To add a link, contact Dr. Ardia ().

Note that not all courses offered by the programs listed below will be appropriate for Biology elective credit.  Please check with the associate chair of the department regarding the course you are interested in taking before you commit to the program.

Semester Off-Campus Programs

International Programs maintains a full list of approved programs. In addition, the Biology faculty are in the process of compiling a list of courses that previous students have taken off-campus (overseas) to fulfill the requirements for the Biology major. Check back soon.

Off-campus programs in field biology, ecology and environmental science:

Off-campus programs in marine biology:

Off-campus programs in biomedical science: